Academic Affairs

Policies/Reports: Faculty Orientation -- Part Time Policy

To insure that the professional activities of all part-time faculty are evaluated effectively, the deans of the College and the professional schools shall develop polices for part-time faculty that address the following issues:

  1. Departments employing part-time faculty must develop an orientation program for such faculty. The orientation program must effectively cover all the duties and responsibilities of the part-time faculty member.
  2. Departments employing part-time faculty must develop methods for evaluating their professional performance. The evaluation must cover all activities for which an individual part-time faculty member is responsible. The process must include in -class review of instruction by members of the departmental faculty and student evaluation of teaching.
  3. Departmental policies must clearly state by whom part-time faculty willbe supervised.
  4. Departmental policies must take into account the differences in expectations placed upon part-time and full-time faculty.