Academic Affairs

Policies/Reports: Faculty Eligibility for the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) Policy

The State of North Carolina statutes require that a faculty member have the equivalent rank of Instructor or above in order to be eligible for participation in the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP). The title of Lecturer is not referenced in the state statutes. The confusion generated by the lack of reference to Lecturer can be eliminated with a declaration that the Lecturer and Instructor titles are equivalent. This change requires action by the Board of Trustees. Therefore, the Division of Academic Affairs recommends approval of the attached policy statement by the Board of Trustees.

"For the purposes of determining eligibility of faculty for the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP), the faculty title Lecturer is equivalent to the faculty title Instructor."

This statement will be added to the benefits/retirement section of the UNCW Faculty Handbook.



A.P. Carlton, Chair, UNCW Board of Trustees

Date: __November 5 , 2004__________________