Academic Affairs

Associate Provost for Administration and Resource Management

Nate Miner

Nathaniel Miner
Office: (910) 962-2262

Location: Alderman Hall, Room 109A

The Resource Management Office supports the Associate Provost and the general operations of the division through program analysis, budget preparation, scenario forecasting, financial records management consistent with "best financial management standards and budgetary practices" and responsible resource tracking and usage assessments.

  • Responsible for developing, implementing and managing fiscal and personnel resources and policy within Academic Affairs consistent with the philosophy and direction set by the Associate Provost.
  • Responsible for analysis, quality assurance, planning, and forecasting relative to the division's annual and biennial budgets, including capital projects
  • Develop division-wide guidelines for the allocation of new resources
  • Advises the Associate Provost on the most effective alignment and utilization of existing resources to support the instructional, research and public service mission of the division.
  • Coordination of assessment outcomes for business units, and possibly other areas, for the upcoming SACS accreditation process.
  • Responsible for the oversight and coordination of all Academic Affairs EPA Personnel documentation and records including preparation processing and tracking of new hires, Board of Trustees reporting, coordination of Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure recommendations and faculty reviews, Faculty Teaching Awards, and EPA Salary Increase Processes.