Academic Affairs

Provost Committee: Withdrawal Appeals Committee

Established at request of Faculty Senate in 2001

Establishment of a Provost's Committee on Withdrawal Appeals (Motion 01-7-23)

The committee has jurisdiction over all undergraduate appeal requests for exceptions to rules regarding course withdrawal after the deadline. It is the student's responsibility to submit an appeal through the office of the dean of the college who oversees the major or the director of the University College. Grounds for appeals are limited to substantive new evidence or material procedural irregularity. The appeal must be made within ten regular class days of the dean's decision. All information to be considered by the committee must be submitted in writing. All issues of discussion and record of voting shall be kept confidential. The decision of the committee is by simple majority and final.

The committee shall be composed of 5 voting members and 2 ex-officio non-voting members (i.e., Dean of Students and Registrar). The 5 voting members shall consist of one faculty representative of each college or school, appointed by the Provost, and a representative of the University College. The Dean of Students will serve as chair and be a non-voting member. The Registrar will serve as recording secretary and be a non-voting member. A quorum shall consist of any 3 voting faculty members.