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Internship Advisory Committee

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Internship Advisory Committee
Name Department Term
Dr. James E. Blum Mathematics & Statistics 2021-2024
Dr. Jess Boersma College of Arts and Sciences 2021-2024
Dr. Amanda Boomershine World Languages and Cultures 2021-2024
Ms. Tammy Bulger Communication Studies 2021-2024
Ms. Sara Kesler Cameron School of Business 2022-2025
Dr. Athena Kolbe School of Social Work 2020-2023
Dr. Matthew M. Lastner Cameron School of Business 2021-2024
Ms. Anne Lindberg Art and Art History 2022-2025
Mr. Alex McDaniel School of Health and Applied Human Sciences 2021-2024
Dr. Todd Peterson Psychology 2022-2025
Dr. Kathleen Roney Watson College of Education 2021-2024
Ex-officio Non-voting:
Dr. Jaime Russell Director, Office of Student Leadership and Engagement
Dr. James DeVita Director, High Impact Pathways
Ms. Nadirah Pippen Director, Career Center
Ms. Janeé Folston Associate Director, Employer Development, Career Center
Ms. Amanda Fleming University Registrar