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Internship Advisory Committee

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Internship Advisory Committee
Name Department Term
Dr. James E. Blum Mathematics & Statistics 2021-2024
Dr. Jess Boersma College of Arts and Sciences 2021-2024
Dr. Amanda Boomershine World Languages and Cultures 2021-2024
Ms. Tammy Bulger Communication Studies 2021-2024
Dr. Lance Cummings English 2019-2022
Dr. Athena Kolbe School of Social Work 2020-2023
Dr. Matthew M. Lastner Cameron School of Business 2021-2024
Mr. Alex McDaniel School of Health and Applied Human Sciences 2021-2024
Dr. Kathleen Roney Watson College of Education 2021-2024
Ms. Pamela Toll Art & Art History 2019-2022
Ms. Teresa Walker Cameron School of Business 2019-2022
Ex-officio Non-voting:
Dr. Jaime Russell Director, Office of Student Leadership and Engagement
Dr. James DeVita Director, High Impact Pathways
Ms. Nadirah Pippen Director, Career Center
Ms. Amanda Fleming University Registrar