Academic Affairs

Honors Faculty Advisory Council


Faculty Honors Council
Name Department Term
Mr. Bill Alexander Anthropology 2021
Mr. Dave Bollinger Communication Studies 2021
Dr. Nathan Crowe History 2021
Dr. Crystal Dodson School of Nursing 2020
Dr. Devon Eulie Environmental Sciences 2020
Dr. Russ Herman Mathematics & Statistics 2022
Dr. Angela Housand Instruction Tech, Foundations and Secondary Education 2020
Dr. Beverly McGuire Philosophy & Religion 2022
Dr. Sue Richardson Film Studies 2022
Dr. Fred Scharf Biology and Marine Biology 2020
Dr. Helena Spencer Music 2021
Dr. Fredrika Spencer Marketing 2022
Ex-officio Non-voting:
Dr. Shawn Bingham, Director, Honors College
Dr. Eva M. Mehl, Associate Director, Honors College
Dr. Nathan Grove, Assistant Director, CSURF
Dr. Marilyn Sheerer, Provost
Dr. Paul Townend, Dean, Undergraduate Studies
Dr. Diana Ashe, Director, Center for Teaching Excellence & Faculty Leadership
Dr. James DeVita, Chair, Academic Standards Committee
Dr. Christine Pesetski, Interim Director, University College
Ms. Kelly Arnold, Student
Mr. Noah Baker, Student