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CMS Graduate Poster Session 2017

cms poster session 2016

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Each year, graduate students are invited to participate in a poster session hosted by CMS. This is a great opportunity for students to gain experience presenting their research and serves as a way for faculty from all departments to interact with students in different disciplines. MSC 595 and MCOP 593 students are encouraged to participate as they finish up these courses that involve development of research prospectuses and capstone projects, respectively. 

2017 Participants

Sam Athey
Dr. Susanne Brander
The Effect of a Microplastic-Associated Legacy Pollutant on the Feeding Preferences of Microzooplankton and Their Predators

Betsy Baldwin
Dr. Jessica Weinkle
Estuarine Shoreline Stabilization Under NC CAMA

Marie Bartlett
Dr. Andrea Hawkes
Quantitative Paleoenvironmental Reconstructions of Past Coastal Subsidence Along the Northern Margin of the Cascadia Subduction Zone

Jessica Carlton & Lorie Williams
Dr. Elizabeth Darrow
Bay Scallops: The High-Resolution Canary in the Highly-Fertilized Coal Mine

Adam Chaffin
Dr. Larry Cahoon
Organic Nitrogen Load Sourcing in North Carolina Waters by Stable 15N Isotope Analysis

Megan Cheney
Dr. Jeffrey Wright
Biological and Chemical Investigations of Planktothrix agardhii

Joshua Church
Dr. Ralph Mead
Structure Elucidation of Photoproducts Formed from the “Red Tide” Toxin PbTx-3 in the Absence of Sediments

Avonelle Combs
Dr. Jessie Jarvis
Short Term Changes in Seagrass Seed Viability

Bailey Counts
Dr. Susanna López-Legentil
The Lesser Known Caribbean Ascidians: Morphological and Molecular Identification of Main Bahamian Species 

Kathy Cyr
Dr. Jessica Weinkle
Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary and the Red Snapper

Derek Detweiler
Dr. Ai Ning Loh
Phytosterols as Tracers of Terrestrial and Wetland Carbon to Ten Thousand Islands, Florida, USA: Implications for Trophic Resource Usage in the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica

James Evans
Dr. Susanna López-Legentil
Aiding and Abetting: Characterizing the Diversity, Host-Specificity, and Function of Microbial Symbionts in Introduced North Carolina Ascidians

Shelby Gantt
Dr. Patrick Erwin
Indifferent to Pollution: Stable Microbial Communities in the Sponge Crambe crambe from Inside and Outside a Mediterranean Harbor

Hayley Grabner
Dr. Jessica Weinkle
Tourism and Power in the OBX: An Assessment of the Political Ecology of Tourism-Rich Coastal Areas

Genevieve Guerry
Dr. Jessica Weinkle
Swimming Advisories: The Problem for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

John Holloway
Dr. Dylan McNamara
Attractor Reconstruction for Spatiotemporal Forecasting of Coral Reef and Dune Systems

Caitlin Lashbrook
Dr. Jessica Weinkle
American Aquaculture: Pitfalls, Values, and Alternatives 

Madison Lytle
Dr. Martin Posey
Impacts of Oyster Structures (Reefs and Culture Operations) on Adjacent Benthic Community Assemblages

Erin McCarthy & Willow Patten
Dr. Ai Ning Loh
The Pre-Restoration Isotope Compositions of Florida Everglades Fishes

Philip Meyer
Dr. Fred Bingham
Qualifying the Seasonal Correlation Between Sea Surface Salinity and the Hydrologic Cycle in the Global Ocean

Jackie Meyle
Dr. Jessica Weinkle
Marine Mammal Protection Against Noise Pollution Under the Marine Mammal Protection Act

Michael Recchia
Dr. Jeff Wright
Chemical Investigations of Novel Metabolites Isolated From a 2016 Freshwater Cyanobacteria Bloom in King’s Highway Pond, Wilmington, NC

Lauren Rosul
Dr. Narcisa Pricope
Modeling Vulnerability to Inundation in Coastal North Carolina using High-Resolution Finished Floor Elevations

Jennifer Ryan
Dr. Jessica Weinkle
Increased Shellfish Closures and Impacted Water Quality Under Wilmington’s MS4

Brittany Saleeby
Dr. Ralph Mead
Quantification of Bifenthrin and Photo-Products 

Brooks Surgan
Dr. Jessica Weinkle
Where Have All the Wetlands Gone?...To Mitigation Banks!
An Analysis of Army Corps Compensatory Mitigation Policy and Its Effect on Ecological and Social Functions

Alex Taylor
Dr. Robert Keiber
Effect of Ethanol on the Production of Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) in Rainwater

Jacob Torok
Dr. Martin Posey
The Effect of Positioning on the Growth Rates of Crassostrea virginica Among Floating Bag Culture

Christopher Yoda
Dr. Jennifer Biddle
New Jersey Public Beach Access