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Contact Maggie Bannon, Cornerstone Learning Community Coordinator, at (910) 962-7200 or email

Contact Amy Hathcock, ExCEL Learning Community Coordinator, at (910) 962-7742 or email

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Cornerstone Learning Community

This is a residential learning community reserved for students who are accepted into the Cornerstone Learning Community (CLC) program. Students are registered for three University Studies courses, one of which is an integrative First-Year Seminar, that are linked by a common theme. The First-Year Seminar addresses basic college transition issues while enriched with additional readings and activities related to the theme of the Cornerstone Learning Community.

Classes are taught in the Cornerstone Residence Hall classroom. Faculty participants receive a course development stipend and work closely together to integrate assignments and projects to reinforce the CLC theme and enhance the sense of community.

Students sign up for the Cornerstone Learning Community program through their Housing sign-up process and will be registered for their CLC classes prior to Orientation.


ExCEL (Excellence through Cultural Engagement and Leadership) is a program that supports students to enhance their world view through education, service, leadership, and cultural understanding. Prospective students are identified to apply following admission, and once accepted to the program, are automatically enrolled in ExCEL courses.

Students in the ExCEL Learning Community are registered for three University Studies courses, one of which is the integrative First-Year Seminar. Interested students have the option to continue the program through their sophomore year earning three UNCW Leadership Certificates: Personal Leadership, Cultural Competencies, and Civic and Community Engagement.

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