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ExCel Student on High Ropes Challenge Course

Why Apply to ExCEL?

The ExCEL Class of 2014 shares why you should join
the ExCEL Learning Community:

Earn Leadership Certificates & Community Service!

"Gain certificates to build a resume and a better understanding of the University... [ExCEL will] walk you through your transition." - Danni McDanniel

"I would recommend this class to improve communication skills and some leadership concepts that can come in handy forever. It's also a huge resume builder." - Jennifer Moore

"I think this was a great way to perform community service and interact with others who have the same values." - Hilary Tew

Help with the Transition to College Life!

"The activities really helped me grow as an individual. I'm happy I chose to participate in the program." - Nicole Bravo

"Peer leaders help you adjust to college life." - Liz Stewart

Improve Grades and Academics!

"I liked how... we became a large study group and remained together throughout this difficult freshman year. When the spring semester began, we had one class where we knew people." - Jessica Garcia

"You get an interactive learning opportunity about events, tools, resources, and academic advances at UNCW. I think UNI really helped to further my knowledge about classes, careers, and service opportunities. I think UNI is also a good chance to make lasting friendships." - Juliet Needham

"Closer relationship with advisors, common classes help build better academic skills and understandings." - Andrew Jobe

Make Lifelong Friends!

"[ExCEL] helped to get my first friends and help me feel comfortable with new people. It also took away the sense of being afraid to talk to random people or work in a group together." - Patricia Salazar

"I love this program for the sole fact that I have built some long relationships with so many people. I feel like the friendships we have aren't like many others around campus." - Mitchell Lee

"TAKE THIS CLASS if you want to make friends and like introspection." - Joshua Clark

"An amazing way to build relationships with a diverse group of freshmen from all over the country. The work is interesting and discussion-based which I love." - Lonni Phillips