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ExCEL Volunteers with local children's organization on National Make a Difference Day

ExCEL Program Overview

Learning Community

ExCEL is a Learning Community for first-year students that continues through the second year. A Learning Community is an educational experience that integrates both academic and social aspects of learning. Comunity members work together to facilitate learning centralized around a common theme.

Research indicates that student participation in a Learning Community leads to:

  • Increased social integration and campus involvement
  • Stronger intellectual development
  • Higher satisfaction with the college experience

ExCEL's 2 Year Program

Fall 2014

  • Students participate in 3 common courses (a combined 9 credit hours)
  • Receive Peer Mentoring
  • Earn the Personal Leadership Certificate

Spring 2015

  • Students enroll in UNI 110: Leadership and Social Change (1-2 credit hours)
  • Receive Peer Mentoring
  • Earn the Social Justice Leadership Certificate

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

  • Attend extracurricular activities and workshops
  • Earn Cultural Competencies Leadership Certificate