University College

ExCel 2013

ExCEL: A UNCW Learning Community

Excellence through Cultural Engagement and Leadership

ExCEL (Excellence through Cultural Engagement and Leadership) is a learning community for first-year students that combines academic and co-curricular experiences designed to cultivate the diverse knowledge and skills that students will need to become engaged in their educational, local, and global communities.

Achieving Excellence in the university experience requires students to engage with a diversity of cultures. This Cultural Engagement empowers students to develop effective personal styles of Leadership as they become knowledgable, compassionate, contributing citizens within their local communities and beyond. Because leadership is demonstrated by action, ExCEL students are also empowered to be curious, engaged, and active citizens who use their learning experiences to make a difference in the world.

The Learning Community framework provides a dynamic learning experience that integrates curricular and co-curricular activities, giving students both the knowledge and skills to ExCEL in all areas of life. ExCEL students work with, learn from, and assist each other with the support of faculty, advisors, peer leaders, and campus services.

ExCEL Students Will:

  • Enroll in common courses with other members of the Learning Community during the first year
  • Develop a comprehensive personal education plan
  • Earn three UNCW Leadership Certificates
  • Explore aspects of identity, such as values, cultural background, and personal experience
  • Work in teams to explore multiple perspectives of a broad range of topics and issues
  • Learn and apply the fundamentals of active citizenship
  • Participate in a variety of interactive activities inside and outside the classroom, including cultural events and lectures
  • Organize and participate in community service projects