Early Registration Tutorial

SeaNet & Registration

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Registration Terms

Hours: You can register for up to 16 hours during Early Registration, you can finalize your schedule at Orientation.

First Year Seminar: Students are encouraged to sign up for at least First Year Seminar.

Four Hour Courses: 4 credit hour courses have a lab component. In some instances, labs are sometimes listed as a separate class, so read your course names carefully. For example, GLY 120 and GLYL 120. (If a class has a lab component, you will need to sign up for the lab and lecture at the exact same time. This will be covered in the SeaNet & Registration video.)

Map: Some students like to schedule classes back-to-back or close to one another in time so they can optimize their studying during other parts of the day. Most buildings can be reached in ten to fifteen minutes. See Campus Map with Building Names and Abbreviations for more information.

Waitlists: Do not join a waitlist for a class during Early Registration. Waitlists will not work properly during Early Registration.

What's a Registration PIN? The Registration PIN is the password you need in order to register.

Student Athletes

When signing up for courses, athletes should sign up for UNI 101 as well University Studies courses. Questions regarding practice schedules, travel dates, or class registration should be directed to Drew Scales at 910-962-3001 or scalesw@uncw.edu

 Honors College Students

Honors College students will be receive notification of admission from the Honors College. Students accepted to the Honors College should take HON 110, not UNI 101. Questions can be directed to the Honors College at 910-962-4181 or honors@uncw.edu