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First-Year Experience Awards

Outstanding Partnership

This award recognizes an individual, program, or office for an outstanding collaborative initiative that bridges multiple programs and functional areas in an effort to create a dynamic experience to the First-Year Experience. The recipient of this award demonstrates adaptability, creativity, education value, and initiative to foster a welcoming and nurturing environment in their collaborative efforts with other offices and departments to enhance experiences for our first-year students.

Excellence in Teaching First-Year Students

This award recognizes professors or instructors of First-Year Seminar or linked University Studies courses who both practice and promote effective and innovative teaching. This recipient has exhibited teaching that influences, motivates, and inspires students to develop into holistic and active citizens in the UNCW community. This instructor developed a curriculum that promoted student learning and went above-and-beyond the expectations as a seminar or linked course professor or instructor.

Unsung Hero

This award recognizes an individual who has taken the initiative to go the extra mile to promote student success within their first year. This individual has done an outstanding job to support staff and first-year students and is not often recognized publicly for their efforts.

Rookie of the Year

This award recognizes a First-Year Seminar instructor who has exhibited exceptional promise during their first year of teaching the course. This recipient has demonstrated a true understanding of the intellectual, developmental, and transitional issues of first-year students and the capability to inspire them. They have shown significant effort devoted to ensuring the quality of the students' learning experience through an understanding of strategies that affect learning and creativity in their instructional approaches.

Most Innovative FYS Learning Experience

This award recognizes a First-Year Seminar instructor who has incorporated an innovative learning experience into the First-Year Seminar course. The recipient of this award has established a creative and engaging lesson plan, group project, or class activity that promotes effective and deeper learning.

Impactful First-Year Experience

This award recognizes an individual or a group that has developed a program with great impact on first-year students. The recipient of this award has exhibited a desire to promote student development through the creation of a workshop series, course, or other program intended to support the academic and social success of first-year students.