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UNCW Staff Senate Report

This year also proved to be a challenging but successful one for all delegates representing SPA and non-teaching EPA employees as the UNCW Staff Senate. During this year with impending budget cuts we once again proved our ability to succeed even in the most difficult of times. Some of the many successful actions, events, happenings and collaborations are as follows:

The second in the series of UNCW Staff Senate Holiday Ornament Sales featuring and commemorating Hoggard Hall was introduced. This sale augments the annual poinsettia sale with all proceeds going to fund scholarships for staff. Ornaments totaling 195 along with 175 poinsettias quickly sold out to faculty, staff, and students. Thanks to all for supporting the staff scholarship during these difficult economic times.

UNCW faculty, staff, and students conducted the second UNC Staff Assembly service project by implementing the UNC Day of Service Food Drive on our campus. This event marked the continued collaboration of the Staff Senate, Student Government, and the Faculty Senate. The campaign called the “Have a Heart Campaign” proved to be very successful with UNCW bringing home bragging rights by collecting a total of 3,323 pounds of nonperishable food items. Food items weighing in at 2, 179 pounds were donated to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina. As a part of the UNC Staff Assembly’s goal of partnering with each other, the North Carolina School of Science and Math received 1, 144 pounds of food items which helped boost them to success in their quest for the Guinness Book record. Thanks to all Staff Senate delegates, the Student Government Association and to the Faculty Senate for collaborating with us in this endeavor!

Staff is truly appreciative of the open, transparent, and timely communications to faculty, staff, and students from Chancellor DePaolo and her cabinet. The commitment to save staff jobs while protecting the academic core acknowledges staff as an integral part of the academic core.

Our Human Resources Department was honored with the CUPA award for their part in last year’s reassignments and donated their monetary gift for this award to the Staff Senate scholarship endowment. This award helped us meet our goal of endowing the Staff Senate scholarship. The scholarship has been endowed and great appreciation goes out to all the staff, faculty and students who helped us meet our goal.

This year for the first time we had more than one delegate running for officer positions resulting in a true election process. We are so proud that staff now more than ever want to take leadership positions in Staff Senate even when they are “doing more with less” keeping UNCW’s high standards and commitment to a quality student experience on course.

Staff Senate attended many events this year including but not limited to Convocation, Move in Day, SGA Presidential Address, Dedication ceremony for the Fisher Memorial Garden, and the Endowed Scholarship Donor event. We were included and participated in the search for our new Chancellor by attending forums and having representation on Chancellor’s Search Committee. We welcomed the UNC System Board of Governors, greet at every event scheduled for Employee Appreciation week and participated in the meeting with governing administrators including the Board of Trustees.

Our Communications Committee implemented an internship for a creative writing student to assist in the production of our monthly newsletter. Our Nominations Committee overhauled the electronic voting process and conducted a successful election. The Public Relations committee and Communications committees conducted a very successful booth at the Perk’s Fair and collected more than 21 prizes for staff giveaways. They also were instrumental in the collection of the names for the newly implemented “Chancellors Luncheon”. The fundraising committee conducted a very successful fundraising event for the scholarship while implementing new audit procedures. All of our committee’s worked to produce results that would ensure the continuation of supporting Staff and Staff Senate in the future.

Our guest list was extensive with a wide variety of individuals and topics including Kimberly Cook, Matt Victory, Mark Lanier, Chancellor Rosemary DePaolo, Joanne McDowell, Charlie Maimone, Cathy Barlow, Rick Whitfield, Mary Gornto, Claire Stanley, Marla Evan’s Rice, and Barbie Cowan. All of our guests presented informative information that proved to be a key in keeping staff well versed on the many concerns and procedures in which we have a keen interest.

Senator Mark Gallovic and the executive committee agreed that we should implement a Senator Spotlight Series in our meetings for the purpose of getting to know each other and what types of duties we have in our daily work schedules. This is new to Staff Senate and we have had three senators present thus far. We all agree it is a success and a great way to get to know each other.

Last but not least we collaborated with the Human Resources Department to hold open forums regarding SB575 to gather feedback and to answer any concerns that staff may have regarding the possibility of the UNC System having personnel flexibility for all their employees. Questions and concerns presented were answered with all current information available. Later the Staff Senate Executive Committee had the opportunity to meet with President Tom Ross to share the concerns, questions and feedback gathered during the forums. A document of questions from staff was addressed by President Ross as he assured everyone of his commitment to only the best for staff as he thanked all for what we do every day.

With the support of our administration, we continue to strive toward maintaining our devotion in providing as much information and collaboration as possible for staff. As another successful year closes, our continued goal is to continue funding the Staff Scholarship enabling us to provide even more scholarships in the future.

Respectively Submitted by Sissy Hendricks, Staff Senate Chair 2010-2011

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