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Welcome New Senators

Welcome New Senators

Staff Senate Strides

Staff Senate Strides

Image Courtesy: Jeff Janowski 

Thank you to everyone who participated in Staff Senate Strides! Congratulations to our winners!

  1. Nancy Engel - Travel Mug
  2. Susan Suits - Travel Mug
  3. Beth Hicks - Travel Mug
  4. Christie Gutierrez Soto - Drawstring Bag
  5. Paula Greene - Drawstring Bag
  6. Catherine McFadden - Drawstring Bag
  7. Gail Killman - Visor
  8. Phillip Hardy - Visor
  9. Rhonda LaMarsh - T-Shirt
  10. Rebecca Baugnon - T-Shirt
  11. Constance Evans - T-Shirt
  12. Terri Cook - T-Shirt
  13. Jennifer Fernandez-Villa - T-Shirt
  14. Susanne Dieppa - T-Shirt
  15. Justin Edwards - T-Shirt
  16. Leona Baird - T-Shirt
  17. Liz Grimes - T-Shirt
  18. Katrena Henderson - T-Shirt
  19. Kimberly Harris - T-Shirt
  20. Diane Sullivan - T-Shirt
  21. Jessica Heim - T-Shirt
  22. Sissy Hendricks - T-Shirt
  23. Emily Jones - Coach Keatts Bobble Head
  24. Karen Barnhill  - Coach Scalf Bobble Head
  25. Donovan Smith - Softball Season Tickets
  26. Stefanie Powell - UNCW Beach Towel
  27. Kelly Mintern - UNCW Pillow
  28. Candace Blanke - UNCW Tailgate Chair

Spring Staff Senate Survey Results

Staff Senate distributed their Spring 2016 survey in March and the results are in! Visit the Staff Senate Priorities Committee page for more information about Staff Senate's recent survey.

Spring Survey Results In Announcement

Dawn Brown, Staff Senate Chair, Speaks at Chancellor's Installation

Dawn Brown represented UNCW Staff and the Staff Senate by speaking on Installation Day. See more about her speech in this Star News article.

Travel Grant Reminder

Staff Senate would like to remind all Staff Members who are interested in obtaining a global perspective in order to uniquely and comprehensively fulfill their roles at UNCW to please Apply [PDF] for the Global Travel Grant. The application for the grant is due May 30th to the Office of International Programs / Staff Global Travel Award, Campus Box 5965.

Staff Senate would like to remind all UNCW Staff to glance at SWOOP often for this and other opportunities.

Staff Senate presents scholarships to staff members

In the December Staff meeting Staff Senate presented Mellissa Dionesotes and Olivia Causby their scholarship awards.

Melissa Dionesotes receives award
Mellissa Dionesotes - Recipient of the Staff Senate Scholarship
Mellissa is an Executive Assistant and has been working in the Center for Marine Science since 2008. She is also a research diver and her dream is to advance to a research position. This year she was also accepted into the Masters in Environmental Studies program. The upcoming spring semester she has an opportunity to advance her diving certification and this will allow her to pursue a graduate research project of her own. We want to congratulate Mellissa and wish her the best in fulfilling her dreams here at UNCW.

Olivia Causby receives award
Olivia Causby - is an Administrative Associate in (Foreign Language) World Languages and Cultures
Olivia will be attending the 2nd annual International Conference on Communication and Management. It will be held in Athens, Greece May 9-12, 2016. Global experts will present on cultural communication, performance management, human resources, cross-cultural marketing, and multiple other fields relevant to her position. Knowledge of these practices will allow her to better assist faculty, students, and community members from different backgrounds. Congratulations Olivia and safe travels!

Beau Cummings - Development Director, Majors Gift (Advancement)
Beau will be attending The Spring Institute in Educational Fundraising April 18-22, 2016 in Loughborough, UK, at Loughborough University. Beau has the opportunity to attend this Fundraising conference then travel to Hertfordshire University to spend time with colleagues at a UNCW Partner institution. By understanding the perceptions of fundraising abroad and what influences other cultures to give back or not give back we can be better prepared to cultivate relationships with our growing international bas of graduates. Beau's purpose is to better understand the culture of Higher Education Philanthropy abroad. Congratulations Beau and safe travels!

If you would like to apply for the Staff Senate Scholarship please visit our Scholarships page for details. If you are interested in applying for the Global Travel Grants for Staff you can apply on their website.