General Requirements for the Masters of Arts at UNCW

Specific Requirements for the Masters of Arts at UNCW

The following core courses are required of all students seeking a M.A. in Psychology:

1. Research Methods (9 hours required of all students).

2. Required Courses (4 of the following):

3. PSY 599 Thesis research (6; to be taken over at least two semesters).

4. PSY 591 may be repeated only once for credit toward the graduation requirement.

Additional Requirements for the Specific Concentrations

General Concentration (33 credit hours)

Students choose 4 of the 5 Core Courses listed above, with the advice of their mentor/advisor. In addition, general concentration students take 6 additional hours: one 595 Seminar and one graduate-level elective, approved by the Department Chair & Graduate Coordinator.

SATP Concentration (55 credit hours)

Students must take Physiological Psychology (PSY 556) and select 3 from the remaining four  Core Courses (above) under the advice of their thesis advisor. In addition, students in the SATP Concentration must complete the following course work:

ABA Concentration (53 credit hours)

Students take PSY 517 Learning & Behavior Analysis, PSY 520 Developmental Psychology, and PSY 556 Physiological Psychology. They may choose either PSY 510 Cognitive Psychology or PSY 565 Social & Personality Psychology as the fourth Core course, under the advice of their thesis advisor.

For additional information, please call or write to us at:

Graduate Coordinator
Department of Psychology
The University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Wilmington, North Carolina 28403-3297
Phone (910) 962-3370 Fax (910) 962-7010

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