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SPRING 2014 Featured Courses

The Public and International Affairs Department encourages students to seek out nontraditional academic opportunities. We have created the following courses in an effort to offer innovative curriculum that combines lectures, guest speakers, and hands on projects in the community. In the past many students have found these courses to be inspiring, rewarding, and beneficial to their academic and personal development. Please take the time to check out these exciting new courses offered in the Spring and Summer semesters.

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What is Great Decisions?

Great Decisions is an educational lecture series sponsored by the Foreign Policy Association (FPA). UNCW is one of over one thousand participants in the Great Decision lecture series and has hosted the program since 2001.

At UNCW, Great Decisions is a 1-hour credit course where you are required to bring your presence, interest and participation in stimulating discussion in your student-led tutorials! Our lecture series will take place on Tuesdays this semester and your tutorials will take place on Thursdays in a separate classroom on campus and will be led by students.

Starting in January 2015, renowned speakers from across the country will be speaking about important international issues. You do not have to be a Political Science major or be an expert on global politics. This is our way of bringing the important issues to you. Your curiosity, enthusiasm and desire to learn are all that are required.

If you have any questions, you should contact the faculty advisor for this program, Dr. Remonda Kleinberg or check out the Great Decisions page.

What is Nonprofit Leadership Experience?

Nonprofit Leadership Experience Dr. Brudney Leadership experience

  • This class is offered in the Spring 2014 & Summer 2014 semesters. Visit Seanet to Check out the dates and times.

Open to undergraduate and graduate students, Nonprofit Leadership Experience (PLS 492/592) is a non-traditional, applied learning course that places students in nonprofit organizations in the community in which they complete projects that draw on the knowledge and skills acquired through the class to assist local institutions.

The class begins with a series of intensive sessions in which students learn about the nonprofit sector from both the instructor and numerous guest speakers and panels from the nonprofit community. The students then select projects to complete for the remainder of the semester that have been developed with local nonprofit organizations; the projects are designed both to enhance students' knowledge and learning, and to further the goals of the organization.

The class culminates with a Capstone Poster Session, at which the students present posters based on their projects to the nonprofit organizations, other members of the community, and UNCW officials. The course may substitute for the internship requirement for the Public Administration Minor as a "Culminating Professional or Field Experience.

To check out student testimonials of the class please watch this short clip of UNCW student Brooks Lee's Official Teaser for Beyond the Classroom: Learning to Lead.

For more information please contact Dr. Jeffrey L. Brudney at

What is The Law and Theory of War: War Crimes?

Peter Maguire

This class will study customary and codified laws of war and then apply them to a number of historical case studies and post-war trials. Some of the questions we will consider: was Henry V's order to kill prisoners at the Battle of Agincourt an atrocity or an act of military necessity? Was the treatment of Union prisoners at Andersonville Prison a violation of the Lieber Code? Were the German submariners who sunk the ship Llandovery Castle justified in their actions? Were the Nuremberg trials a victor's justice or a step forward for international criminal law? Are the post Cold War UN trials for atrocities in Rwanda, former Yugoslavia, and Cambodia exercises in justice or therapeutic legalism? Students will have the option of short weekly papers, longer research papers, or exams.

This exciting new class will be taught by Dr. Peter Maguire. Check out some of his recent interviews below:

Peter Maguire discusses his book Facing Death in Cambodia on CSPAN Book TV:

Peter Maguire discussing his book Thai Stick: Surfers, Scammers, and the Untold History of the Marijuana Trade on ABC television's Newsline: