Undergraduate Programs

UNCW Onslow Extension Advisors

The Onslow Extension Site of UNCW offers several degree programs to local residents, active duty military, and military dependants. Working in partnership with Coastal Carolina Community College, students in Onslow County have the opportunity to earn their four year undergraduate degree/licensure in one of five disciplines.

Daytime and evening classes are held aboard MCB Camp Lejeune at the John A. Lejeune Education Center, and on the campus of Coastal Carolina Community College.


The Criminology Program provides students with a strong social science foundation. Students in the criminology program graduate with a deep understanding of crime and justice as well as an appreciation of American society and its diversity. Upon graduation, students are prepared to enter professional fields in corrections, probation and parole, police services or to continue on to graduate school or law school. Ken Mentor Criminology Academic Advisor

Elementary Education

The Elementary Education Program and the Watson College of Education are dedicated to the preparation of teachers and other professionals who work with elementary school children as well as promoting reading, language development, cognitive, and learning skills. The elementary education program leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education and licensure to teach grades K-6.

Brenna Johnson Elementary Education Academic Advisor

Business Administration

The Business Administration Program and the Cameron School of Business are dedicated to the education and preparation of students to become effective leaders in business, stressing strategic and innovative approaches to solving business problems. As the business world transforms itself from the industrial age into the information age of tomorrow, the Cameron School of Business is focused on the technical, analytical, and interpersonal skills students will need to lead this fundamental change in the business world through the first half of the 21st century.

Crystal Hollenbough UNCW Extension Site Cameron School of Business

Social Work

The School of Social Work and the College of Health and Human Services are committed to a well-rounded social work education dedicated to a course of study and professional preparation which considers problems, policies, methods, and programs specific to social welfare and social work. Graduates of the BSW Program are employed by departments of social services, school systems, medical facilities, nursing homes, and many other human services agencies. They work with children, families, and community groups to enhance personal and interpersonal functioning.

All new applicants need to contact  or Gail Picillo at picillog@uncw.edu or via phone at 910.962.7099.

Distance Education Online Programs and Degrees

Clinical Research

Nursing (RN to BS)

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