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Starting in Fall 2017, the UNC Wilmington College of Health and Human Services will offer its BS in Exercise Science in an accelerated online format. There will be 6 start dates per year, and courses will be offered in 7-week sessions (2 in fall semester, 2 in spring semester, and 2 in summer semester).  Students can apply to begin the program in any one of the 6 sessions and may take 1-2 courses per session.  You must register for 12 credits per semester (typically four courses per semester) to be considered full-time.

Interested students should apply for admission online, using the SeaLevel Portal at http://uncw.edu/admissions/apply.html (apply as Extension Transfer).  Once the application is submitted, please contact Patty Martinez, Extension Transfer Admissions Coordinator (910-450-5507, martinezp@uncw.edu) to let our office know if you want to start in the first or second fall session. 

This program operates on a modified calendar for application deadlines, registration, tuition billing and payment, course add/drop, withdrawal, etc.  For more information regarding this calendar, the application process, and the degree program, please contact Patty Martinez (910-450-5507, martinezp@uncw.edu).

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