LiteraSea Live Programs!

Join MarineQuest for LiteraSea at the Center for Marine Science. Each Saturday program will feature a fascinating Marine Science topic that we will explore together while reading specially selected children's books, conducting hands-on investigations, and creating interesting and useful arts and crafts!

Ages 4-6 - and Parent or Guardian must stay with child
9:00am-11:00am - One Saturday a Month

$40 for All 4 Sessions or $11 per child per Session

Notes to Participants - Please send your child with his/her own light and healthy snack and drink for snack time.  Due to allergies please avoid snacks with peanuts.  

Fiddler Crab's Burrow!

September 16th

LiteraSea Live from the Fiddler Crab's Burrow! Learn about fiddler crabs and their natural history.

Glows in the Dark!

October 14th

LiteraSea Live Glows in the Dark! Discover bioluminescent creatures!

Food Chain! 

November 4th

LiteraSea Live from a Food Chain! Find out who eats whom in our marine habitats.

Live Inside a Shell!

December 2nd

LiteraSea Live Inside a Shell! Investigate which animals belong to which shells and enjoy some Holiday sea stories!