ESL Program Scholarships!

There are two (2) scholarships of $1000 each available for any Full Semester Program, which begin in January and August. These are merit-based scholarships. Please apply if you are interested.

Here are the instructions to apply for one of these scholarships:

  1. Student must complete a full ESL application first. The ESL application and scholarship application are due on the same date as "Application Deadline" listed under each semester's information.
  2. Student must write an essay explaining how the scholarship will contribute to her or his English learning goals. The essay should be a minimum of 250 words.
  3. A former or present teacher of the student must write a recommendation for the student, stating why they feel that this student deserves the scholarship. This letter must be in English.
  4. Student must send the transcripts from their high school or college (last 2 years of school completed).
  5. By agreeing to receive the scholarship, the student agrees to do something for UNCW (this could be an activity where the student presents something about her or his country; promotes UNCW once they return home, etc.)
  6. The student will receive the scholarship once they have started their ESL Program. It will be discounted from the tuition.
  7. For questions, please contact

Additional Scholarships

The Sandra Koza Frank Travel Scholarship

Created by David J. Frank and his children in loving memory of their wife and mother, Sandra Koza Frank, this scholarship supports UNCW's efforts to graduate global citizens. Thanks to the Franks' generosity, more students will be given the opportunity to participate in cultural immersion programs. This merit-based award is available to UNCW students participating in credit-bearing, university-approved study abroad programs or international ESL, exchange, or degree-seeking students. Recipients will be selected on the basis of demonstrated academic ability and special achievement. Funding may vary but awards will usually be between $500 and $1000. Students interested in applying for the award should go here for more information: