Financial Aid

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Other Scholarship Information

If a student receives a scholarship from outside the university that requires an enrollment verification or academic transcript, you may visit the Office of the Registrar to obtain this information.

Invoicing for Scholarships

Scholarships requiring invoicing are processed based on authorization letters on file or received by OSFA from the agency or the student. All billing is completed after drop/add of each semester. Once the invoice is generated and sent out, the university receives a check from the agency as payment. When payment is received the funds are then placed on the student's account. Typically funds are received up to 30 days after an outside agency has been billed. Please note that invoicing is an ongoing process, and is completed on an as needed basis throughout each semester. Amounts that are anticipated are placed on our resource form as an anticipated scholarship.

Processing Information

Institutional scholarships require the award authority to complete and submit a Scholarship Transmittal Form (Fin 1.10 and 1.10a) to OSFA (Warwick Center). These are processed within 5-7 days of receipt.

Outside Scholarships should be sent to the Financial Aid & Veterans Services Office. Our mailing address is 601 South College Road, Wilmington, NC 28403-5951. When possible please send the check before August 01 for fall semester and December 01 to allow enough processing for the funds to be available the first day of classes. Make sure the student's information accompanies the check. The student's name and identification number (85xxxxxxx) allows for faster processing.

Outside Scholarships are automatically split between fall and spring semester unless OSFA is told otherwise. Our intent is to help the student throughout the academic year. If the scholarship is to be for "fall only", please include information with the check to indicate how it is to be disbursed to the account. Example: This check is for fall semester or this check is for the academic year.

Scholarships are processed in the order in which they are received by the university. If an outside scholarship check is received by a student and is made out to the university and the student, the student must endorse the check before it can be processed. When a check is received as such, OSFA notifies the student through e-mail to come endorse the check.

Typically, it takes a check 7-10 days to be processed and posted against the student's account. However, for checks received during the first of the semester, it may take between 14-21 days to be posted.

Scholarships awarded by the North Carolina State Educational Assistance Authority (NCSEAA) are sent to the university by Electronic Fund Transmittal (EFT). Once the EFT is certified as being received by the Cashier's Office, the funds are processed as a normal check. Funds include, but not limited to the Prospective Teachers Scholarship, Teaching Fellow Scholarship, Teacher Assistant Scholarship, Principal Fellow Scholarship, Nurse Scholars Scholarship, Golden Leaf Scholarship and the Penn Family Scholarship.

Students who want to check on the status of their state funds may check out the state's web site for more information. From the time the funds are released from the state to the time UNCW receives the funds is usually about 7 days.

Once a scholarship is posted to the student's account, the funds are credited to any charges owed the university. If a student has paid their bill in full, a refund is generated to the student's Higher One Account. More information may be found at Student Account Services.