Faculty Senate

Course Evaluations with IDEA Center and Campus Labs

Information for Faculty


  • Short instruction set for filling out the Facutly Information Form (FIF) and instructions to students filling out the survey.

General Information on IDEA

The general benefits and philosophy of the IDEA instrument can be found here. Included are:
  • Focus on student learning and related teaching methods
  • The ability to choose learning objectives for your course
  • Adjustments for extraneous influences
  • Research underpinning the development and validation of the IDEA instrument
  • IDEA's use of a nationwide comparative database

Faculty Information Form (FIF)

Here is a site dedicated to selecting objectives on the IDEA instrument (Note: much of this refers to pencil and paper forms, but the essentials are still correct). It includes sections on objectives selected by various disciplines, sample syllabi with IDEA objectives and some detailed thoughts on selection of objectives

Reporting of Results

This site includes information on reporting of results. Here is a section describing what broader reporting is available.