EVS 485 1 credit Applied Service Learning: You can volunteer at any one of a number of sites over the course of a semester (or more) for a total of FORTY (40) HOURS, for ONE CREDIT HOUR, and that satisfied the requirement. The sites have various opportunities and you can hit their web pages to learn. Contact numbers are also attached for the pre-approved sites, so you can contact the site and talk about what volunteer opportunities are available. Once you have decided where you want to volunteer, advise us what you plan via the Applied Service Learning application (attached). We will then send your application to your choices. At that point we can enter a REGISTRATION OVERRIDE for you BUT PLEASE REMEMBER YOU MUST STILL ENROLL ONLINE JUST AS WITH ANY OTHER CLASS! If the site agrees, you may log time with more than one site as long as an authorized person signs your logs. We will supply the forms after you are enrolled. There are several sites that have been pre-approved, but feel free to suggest others.

Please contact Dr. Snider for more information.


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