Minor in Oceanography

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The Department of Geography and Geology offers a Minor in Oceanography. The program is designed to be interdisciplinary involving course work in biological oceanography, chemical oceanography, physical oceanography and geological oceanography.

Requirements for a Minor in Oceanography: Catalogue Year 2010-2011   

Requirements for a Minor in Oceanography:

A total of 21-22 credit hours comprised of the following courses:

GLY 150 - Introduction to Oceanography
GLY 350 - Advanced Oceanography

and three courses selected from:

BIO 362 - Marine Biology
CHM 475 - Introduction to Chemical Oceanography
GLY 450 - Geological Oceanography
PHY 475 - Physical Oceanography

and two courses selected from:

BIO 170 - Biology of the Sea
GGY 333 - Applied Climatology
GGY 422 - Remote Sensing in Environmental Analysis
GLY/PHY 420 - Global Climate Change
GLY 458 -Introduction to Coastal Management

Students must have an overall "C" (2.00) average in courses counted toward the minor.

Department of Geography and Geology Course Descriptions

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