Current Course Homepages

This page has been created to improve the consistency of multiple section computer science course offerings as well as serve as a common area for all Web-based course materials developed and maintained by individual computer science faculty. The primary goal is to improve student access to course materials by taking advantage of the anytime/anywhere model of the Web.

Undergraduate Courses

CSC 100 Orientation to Computer Science

CSC 105 Introduction to Computing and Computer Applications 

CSC 110 Fluency in Information Technology

CSC 112 Introduction to Computer Programming

CSC 121 Introduction to Computer Science I

CSC 133 Discrete Structures

CSC 204 Multimedia Systems

CSC 220 3D Computer Graphics

CSC 221 Introduction to Computer Science II

CSC 242 Digital Logic and Computer Organization

CSC 275 Topics in Computer Science and Technology

CSC 332 Data Structures

CSC 342 Operating Systems

CSC 360 Formal language and Computability

CSC 370 Computer Graphics

CSC 385 Professional and Ethical Issues in Computer Science

CSC 415 Artificial Intelligence

CSC 434 Programming Languages

CSC 437 Parallel Computing

CSC 450 Software Engineering

CSC 455 Data Base Management Systems

CSC 475 Topics in Computer Science

CSC 495 Seminar in Computer Science

CSC 498 Internship in Computer Science

Graduate Courses

CSC 515 Artificial Intelligence - Dr. Gene Tagliarini

CSC 520 Digital Image Processing -  Dr. Karl Ricanek

CSC 537 Parallel Computing - Dr. Clayton Ferner

CSC 544  Network Programming - Dr. Ron Vetter

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