CSC 105: Introduction to Computing & Computer Applications

Course Description:

Basic computer concepts for non-CSC majors. Elements of computing systems and organization; computer communications including the Internet; applications such as word processing; spreadsheets, data base management, and the rudiments of programming in a current programming language. Social and technical issues including legal, ethical, and security considerations. Students who have passed MIS 105 may not enroll in CSC 105. Partially satisfies University Studies IV: Building Competencies/Information Literacy.


No previous computing experience is assumed.


All sections will be using software called SAM from Cengage Learning. Students only need to purchase an access code for SAM. This code will provide you access to all texts (eText format) and assignments for this course.

The access code may be purchased at the UNCW bookstore or online at

You are NOT required to purchase Microsoft Office. Students with Macs will have full compatibility via a virtual Windows desktop.

Current Semester Pages:

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