Upcoming Events

  • Astronomy (StarLab) Workshop - Sat. 2/27/16
  • **Project WET Workshop - Sat. 2/27/16
  • **Population Education Workshop - Sat. 3/19/16

Professional Development Workshops

For more information about the types of programs we offer please see Workshop Descriptions!

About Professional Development

This past year, CESTEM hosted 25 professional development (PD) programs and outreach activities and served 518 participants, totaling 5,875 of contact hours of instruction, with most awarded licensure renewal or graduate credit hours.

For the 2014 - 2015 year, our Professional Development evaluations have proved that

  • 75.23% of teacher participants stated that they would incorporate the content from the program in their classroom often and/or to a great extent
  • 95.41% of teacher participants stated that they would recommend the program to other teachers
  • 92.66% of teacher participants agree and/or strongly agree that the program deepened their understanding of science/math concepts

CESTEM will maintain the number of Professional Development (PD) opportunities, participants served, and contact hours offered to our partners; continue to market PD opportunities more directly to UNCW students, teacher candidates and K-12 teachers in the classrooms; and begin efforts to engage social media (Facebook, Twitter, Website) to increase PD workshop awareness and interest.

Upcoming Workshops

CESTEM Saturday Workshop Series

  • Astronomy (StarLab) Workshop - Saturday 2/27/16 from 8:30 - 11:30 AM

Environmental Studies Student Workshops

**These workshops are reserved primarily for students in the UNCW EVS Dept. Please call the office to inquire about registration status for these workshops.

  • Project WET Workshop - Saturday 2/27/16 from 10:00 - 4:30 PM
  • Population Education Workshop - Saturday 3/19/16 from 9:00 - 4:00 PM

Registration Information

  • To register for one of the programs listed in Workshop Descriptions, please complete the CESTEM online registration form, unless otherwise indicated. For additional information, please call the Center at (910) 962-3168 or send e-mail to cestem@uncw.edu.
  • Registration fees are due at least 14 days prior to the start of the workshop. Please send a check, payable to CESTEM, to 601 S. College Rd. Wilmington, NC 28403-5976. Payments exceptions will be made to pay fees after the new fiscal year with written approval from a school administrator with fiscal authority.
  • Registration fees are refundable if cancellations are received 15 days prior to the first day of the workshop. A $25 processing fee will be charged. After the cancellation deadline, no refunds will be given. Participant substitutions may be made.
Recent Workshops
Elementary NC Science Olympiad Workshop instructed by Penny Wolff, North Topsail Elementary School: December 5, 2015

This workshop was designed to promote the NC Science Olympiad and to provide insights on how to run certain Elementary Science Olympiad activities. Participants partook in certain events and learn tips and tricks from event experts and experienced coaches!

Coding in the STEM Classroom: Hour of Code instructed by Mr. Chris Gordon of CESTEM: October 24, 2015

This workshop introduced participants to a variety of classroom-tested tools for programming. Teachers learned some programming activities that did not require computers. Materials were given to participants so all activities conducted during the workshop can be replicated in the classroom!

Seeing Radiation: Nuclear Science Experiments instructd by Ralph Reda: September 26, 2015

This workshop focused on using cloud chambers and Geiger counters to help teach high school educators the principles of radioactivity and radiation. Participants were able to conduct hands-on experiments including:

  • Half-life
  • Distance
  • Shielding
  • Alpha particle detection

Teachers who attended this FREE workshop are now eligible to take advantage of CESTEM's Nuclear Technology and Radiation Kit offered through our TLP!

Teaching Recycling in the Classroom...One Man's Trash is Another MRF's Treasure Workshop instructed by Suzanne Gooding, Dr. Elizabeth Crawford, and Mr. Lynn Bestul: September 19, 2015

Because of this workshop, teachers learned how to navigate their way through the sorting process, and learned about the technology and tools used to turn yesterday's trash into tomorrow's treasures. The workshop lessons and activities have given teachers the opportunity to use their sceince, technology, engineering, and math skills in a new and substainable way!

Coastal Explorations Workshop instructed by Marie Davis (Education Specialist) and Lori Davis (Education Coordinator): September 18, 2015

Participants of this workshop joined NC Coastal Reserve & National Estuarine Research staff to learn about estuaries, the National Estuarine Reseach Reserve System, the NC coast, and current estuarine research. Participants were also introduced to field based explorations and activities on the Basin Trail at Fort Fisher Recreation Area in order to integrate these concepts into their learning environment.

Participants left this workshop with copies of all the activities to use in their classrooms and earned 1 CEU and/or Environmental Education Certification!

Confidence in Astronomy Teacher Workshop instructed by Pepper Hill of the Cape Fear Museum of History and Science: September 12, 2015

As a result of attending this workshop, teachers learned the basics of StarLab operation and became eligible to check out UNCW CESTEM's portable StarLab Planetarium system through our Technology Loan Program.

The workshop also provided teachers with:

  • Fun and exciting ways to introduce Astronomy into their classroom
  • Full instructions, set-up, and show demonstrations using StarLAb
  • Introduction to using a solar telescope

The Confidence in Astronomy Teacher Workshop was held at the Cape Fear Museum for STEM teachers of grades K-12.

Rare Plants of North Carolina instructed by Dr. Alexander Krings of NC State: March 27, 2015

Through this workshop, students learned of the importance of rare, native flora of North Carolina and the Southeast, the causes and consequences of species rarity, and the impact of humans (both positive and negative). Outcomes of this workshop included:

  • Knowledge of patterns in the flora in the Southeast and North Carolina
  • Competence in identifying rare plants and habitats
  • Understanding of the ecological requirements of species and communities
  • Understanding of rarity, including its causes and consequences
  • Informed, active participation in environmental management, improvement, and protection

This indoor, six hour workshop counted as Criteria 1 credit towards NCEE certification.

Aquatic WILD Training instructed by Mike Cambell an Outreach Education Specialist, NCWRC: April 7, 2015 and April 14, 2015

The University of North Carolina Wilmington Environmental Studies department and NCWRC offered a free workshop using the new Aquatic WILD activity guide.
The 6-hour Aquatic WILD workshop counted towards CEU credits and EE Criteria I credits. In addition to updating existing activities, the new guide contained field investigations, In Step With STEM activity extensions, connections to wildlife careers, new activities on fish conservation and angling, and an increased focus on outdoor activities.

Reading & Literacy in the STEM Classroom instructed by Dr. Sue Kezios & Ms. Kathryn Batten: March 21, 2015


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