Centro Hispano

Welcome to UNCW Centro Hispano!


The vision of Centro Hispano is for UNCW to become the University of choice for Hispanic students, faculty, and staff.


The mission of Centro Hispano is to nurture students into becoming strong leaders, representative of all the core values of UNCW, through the promotion of academic excellence, cultural representation, and leadership development. Centro Hispano serves as a link between students and all available resources needed for their academic growth, as well as for their development as future professionals. We focus on embracing and nurturing diversity, on developing student leadership, and on promoting best practices and best use of resources needed for academic success. Our emphasis on diversity is exemplified by our goal of increasing the representation of the diversity within the Hispanic culture through students, faculty, staff, campus events, curriculum, and community engagement. Our focus on student leadership development provides students with enrichment opportunities including leadership conference, leadership seminars and certificates, as well as leadership roles within our campus and