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Bi-Weekly Official's Meetings Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m.,SRC 219

Resuming Sept. 9

all campus officials

2014-2015 Award Winners

2014-2015 Championship Officials

Soccer: Chris Kingston, Michael Ponchak

Volleyball: Andrew Mason, Alexis Triminal

Flag Football: Caleb Jirgal, Stephen Kiser, Brett Pinnix, Laura Shively, Corey Denmark, Jackson Fuller, Austin Peck, Josh Upchurch

Basketball: Matt Rubin, Bryant Everhart, Bryan Beasley

4v4 Flag Football: Erin Crowley, Christy Ruszala, Bryan Beasley, Jackson Navarra

Softball: Kelly Heacox, Reese Walton, Natalie Hunger, Matt Rubin

5on5 Soccer: Chris Kingston

Indoor Soccer: Lauren Glendon, Ken Nguyen, PJ Helderlein, Chris Kingston


2013-2014 Award Winners

2013-2014 Championship Officials

Basketball: Kyle Kennedy, Matt Rubin, Ben Vincent

4v4 Flag Football: Caleb Jirgal, Stephen Kiser, Palmer Brown, Laura Shively, Ashley Starnes

Softball: Stephen Kiser, Jenni Stifter, Laura Shively, Palmer Brown, Luis Downham

5on5 Soccer: Matt Monarca, Jenni Stifter, Jacob Wingfield

Indoor Soccer: Ryan Himes, Jacob Wingfield, Nnadozie Ekeocha, Matt Monarca

Soccer:John Champlain, Ryan Himes, Jenni Stifter, Elijiah Laskody, Nick Whitaker

Volleyball: Ryan Himes, Austin Peck, Matt Monarca

Flag Football: Hayden Davis, Brian Dini, Kaleb Edley, Jackson Fuller, Caleb Jirgal, Hunter McGee, Rob Schilke, Laura Shively, Barnes Sutton

Basketball: Austin Peck, Hunter McGee, Garrett Bell

2012-2013 Award Winners

Official of the Year: Eric Griffin

Rookie of the Year: Rob Schilke

Iron Official of the Year: Eric Griffin

2012-2013 Championship Officials

Soccer: John Champlain, Lauren Nisbet, Tessa Craver, Bob Wassell, Tony Collins, Eric Griffin

Flag Football: Eric Griffin, Matt Laxton, Barnes Sutton, Andrew Wilkins, Chris Arny, Michael Johnson, Rob Schilke, Neil de Bruyn

Volleyball: Marian Bailey, Sam Hopkins

Basketball: Chris Arny, Kaleb Edley, Eric Griffin

4on4 Flag Football: Nick Parker, Eric Griffn

Softball: Rob Schilke, Brett Pinnix, Laura Shively

2011-2012 Award Winners

Official of the Year: Michael Johnson

Rookie of the Year: Connor Belicic

Iron Official of the Year: Michael Johnson

2011-2012 Championship Officials:

Soccer: Randall Epley, Tyler Britt
Alyson Cobb, Justin Tilley,
Lauren Nisbet, John Champlain

Flag Football: Michael Johnson,
Kevin Whitley, Matt Laxton,
Tessa Craver, Nate Gartner

Volleyball: Connor Belicic,
Dillon Bass, Tyler Leach

Basketball: Connor Belicic,
Trevor Hartley, Matt Murray,
Will Upchurch, Cody Williams

Indoor Soccer: Connor Belicic,
Neil de Bruyn, Lauren Nisbet

Softball: Matt Daddio, Sarah McGowan

Seahawk Sports Officials

Seahawk Sports Official's Logo: Shield with SOA and Seahawk Crest

Officials of the Month

Click each name for spotlight video:

February: Chris Kingston
November: Corey Denmark
October: Ben Vincent
Jackson Fuller

September: Ryan Himes
October: Caleb Jirgal
November: Nick Whitaker
February: Kyle Kennedy
March: Austin Peck
April: Jenni Stifter

Officials of the Week

April: 18-26: Ken Nguyen (Indoor Soccer, 5v5 Soccer)
Apr. 12-17: Natalie Hunter (Indoor Soccer, 5v5 Soccer, Softball)
Apr. 5-11: Kelly Heacox (4v4 Flag Football, Softball)
Mar. 29-Apr. 4: Luke Holsclaw (Indoor Soccer)
Mar. 23-28: Stephanie Nava (Basketball)
Mar. 16-22: Lauren Glendon (Basketball, Indoor Soccer)
Mar. 2-6: Savannah Slaughter (Basketball)
Feb. 23-Mar. 1: Suzy Klann (Basketball)
Feb. 16-22: Zach Policastro (Basketball)
Feb. 9-15: K\yle McKeel (Basketball)
Feb. 2-8: Alex Killmartin (Basketball)

Nov. 23-26: Nate Anderson (Basketball)
Nov. 16-22: Josh Upchurch (Basketball)
Nov. 9-15: Matt Rubin (Basketball)
Nov. 2-Nov. 8: PJ Helderlien (Soccer)
Oct. 27-Nov. 1: Bryant Everhart (Flag Football, Basketball)
Oct. 19-26: Corey Denmark (Flag Football, Soccer, Basketball)

Oct. 12-18: Chris Kingston (Soccer)
Oct. 5-11: Aaron Nix (Flag Football)
Sept. 29-Oct. 4: Kristin Godbout (Flag Football, Soccer)
Sept. 22-28: Kevin Smith (Soccer)
Sept. 15-21: Jackson Fuller (Flag Football)

UNCW offers a comprehensive official's development program for members of our team. Students participating in the Seahawk Sports Official's Development Program will receive training and opportunities unique to this program. Each team member will improve their skills in multiple areas and these skills will help them become successful on and off the field.

Why Officiate?

  • Build skills in: Decision-Making, Leadership, Communication, Risk Management, and Conflict Resolution
  • All games are played on campus
  • No experience needed
  • Training provided by highly qualified staff
  • Flexible hours based on your class schedule
  • Team members can play and work

How do I get started?

Our staff will train you for each sport you would like to officiate. All clinics take place in the SRC Room 219 from 6:30 - 9:30 p.m.

  • Training includes classroom instruction, field work, and scrimmage games
  • Small group sessions to enhance learning and encourage teamwork
  • All required information is provided

A general information session will be held on January 15 th at 6:30pm in the Student Recreation Center room 219. Join us and learn more about our team!

Projected Start
Soccer Aug. 31- Sept. 1 6:30-9:00pm SRC 219 Sept. 8
Volleyball Sept. 2-3 6:30-9:00pm SRC 219 Sept. 14
Flag Football Sept. 14-17 6:30-9:00pm SRC 219 Sept. 21
Team Handball Sept. 21-22 6:30-9:00pm SRC 219 Sept. 28
Basketball Oct. 5-8 6:30-9:00pm SRC 219 Oct. 14



  • FREE GEAR through our Official's Incentive Program
  • Officiate Regional and National Championships
  • Opportunity for advancment to supervisory positions
  • Officiate high school and local recreation league game

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