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Bi-Weekly Official's Meetings Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m.,SRC 219

Resuming Sept. 9

all campus officials

2015-2016 Award Winners

2015-2016 Championship Officials

CoRec Basketball: Chris Kingston, Austin Peck, Jonathan Rubin

Flag Football: Ken Byers, Billy Fetzner, Kelly Heacox, Chris Kingston, Kaleb Edley, Jonathan Rubin, Laura Shivley, Reese Walton

Volleyball: Tori Farlow, Tiffany Philavane, Kaleigh Roe

Soccer: Philip Angelo, Casey Imelio, Matt LaGanke, Jake McTague

2014-2015 Award Winners

2014-2015 Championship Officials

Soccer: Chris Kingston, Michael Ponchak

Volleyball: Andrew Mason, Alexis Triminal

Flag Football: Caleb Jirgal, Stephen Kiser, Brett Pinnix, Laura Shively, Corey Denmark, Jackson Fuller, Austin Peck, Josh Upchurch

Basketball: Matt Rubin, Bryant Everhart, Bryan Beasley

4v4 Flag Football: Erin Crowley, Christy Ruszala, Bryan Beasley, Jackson Navarra

Softball: Kelly Heacox, Reese Walton, Natalie Hunger, Matt Rubin

5on5 Soccer: Chris Kingston

Indoor Soccer: Lauren Glendon, Ken Nguyen, PJ Helderlein, Chris Kingston


2013-2014 Award Winners

2012-2013 Award Winners

2011-2012 Award Winners


Seahawk Sports Officials

Seahawk Sports Official's Logo: Shield with SOA and Seahawk Crest

Officials of the Month

Click each name for spotlight video:

November: Jonthan Rubin
October: Reese Walton
Jake McTague

April: Kelly Heacox
March: Josh Upchurch

February: Chris Kingston
November: Corey Denmark
October: Ben Vincent
Jackson Fuller

September: Ryan Himes
October: Caleb Jirgal
November: Nick Whitaker
February: Kyle Kennedy
March: Austin Peck
April: Jenni Stifter

Officials of the Week

Nov. 15 - 22: Austin Peck (Basketball, Flag Football)
Nov. 9-14: Kaleigh Roe (Basketball, Volleyball)
Nov. 1-8: Chris Kingston (Basketball, Flag Football, Soccer)
Oct. 25-31: Kenneth Byers (Flag Football)

Oct. 18-24: Reese Walton (Flag Football, Volleyball)
Oct, 11-17: Kristin Reed (Volleyball)
Oct. 4-10: Patrick Fleming (Soccer)
Sept. 27-Oct. 3: Jonathon Rubin (Flag Football)
Sept. 20-26: Kelly Heacox (Flag Football, Soccer, Volleyball)

Sept. 14-18: Christy Ruszala (Soccer)

Why Officiate?

  • Build skills in: Decision-Making, Leadership, Communication, Risk Management, and Conflict Resolution
  • All games are played on campus
  • No experience needed
  • Training provided by highly qualified staff
  • Flexible hours based on your class schedule
  • Team members can play and work

How do I get started?

Our staff will train you for each sport you would like to officiate. All clinics take place in the SRC Room 219 from 6:30 - 9:30 p.m.

  • Training includes classroom instruction, field work, and scrimmage games
  • Small group sessions to enhance learning and encourage teamwork
  • All required information is provided

A general information session will be held on Wednesday, January 13th at 6:30pm in the Student Recreation Center room 219. Join us and learn more about our team!

Projected Start
Basketball Jan. 19-21 6:30-9:00pm SRC 219 Feb. 2
Flag Football Feb. 1-3 6:30-9:00pm SRC 219 Feb. 8
Indoor Soccer Feb.22-24 6:30-9:00pm SRC 219 Mar. 15



  • FREE GEAR through our Official's Incentive Program
  • Officiate Regional and National Championships
  • Opportunity for advancment to supervisory positions
  • Officiate high school and local recreation league game

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