Fall 2013 Seminar Series

Date Day Time Location Speaker Topic
8/23 Fri. 2pm DO 103

Dr. Art Frampton
UNC Wilmington

Unraveling the mechanisms of EHV-1 pathogenesis informs the development of a novel oncolytic vector

8/30 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Dr. Joe Luczkovich
East Carolina University
Modeling the ecosystem for fishery policy: proposed trawling closures and the impact of shrimp trawling on the estuarine ecosystems of NC
9/06 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Dr. Stuart Borrett
UNC Wilmington

Mapping Network Ecology

9/13 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Dr. Sven Zea
Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Taxonomy in the age of Twitter: The Sponge Guide, a web-based tool for the identification of Caribbean sponges

9/20 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Dr. John Carroll
UNC Wilmington

A Bay Scallop's Brave New World: Restoration in the Face of Changing Habitats

9/27 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Dr. Alina Szmant
UNC Wilmington
Status of The World’s Coral Reefs: Dying, Dead, and Soon to be Gone?
10/04 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Dr. Gerald LeBlanc
North Carolina State University
Sex on Demand: Environmental Sex Determination in Crustacea
10/11 Fri.     No Seminar Fall Break
10/17 Thu. 12pm MC 1051 Nikolai Klibansky
UNC Wilmington
Dissertation Defense: Factors affecting fecundity of marine batch spawning fishes
10/18 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Dr. Johanna Rosman
UNC Chapel Hill
From wetsuits and salt spray to lab coats and lasers: Studying flow and mixing on temperate and tropical reefs
10/25 Fri. 2pm DO 103

Dr. Ben Colman
Duke University

Transport, fate, impacts, and implications of manufactured nanomaterials in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems

11/01 Fri. 9am DO 205 Ashley Hayes
UNC Wilmington

Thesis Defense: Systematics of the Chrysophyceae inferred from 18S rRNA sequence and morphological data

11/01 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Dr. Carm Tomas
UNC Wilmington
The Delaware Fish Killing Alga: In a Class by Itself
11/08 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Dr. Heather Koopman
UNC Wilmington

Fat is where it’s at: Marine lipids from lobsters to whales

11/15 Fri. 10am TL 1053 Dalon White
UNC Wilmington

Thesis Defense: The Effects of Dietary β-Guanidinopropionic Acid on Growth and Muscle Fiber Development in Juvenile Red Porgy, Pagrus Pagrus

11/15 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Maria White
UNC Wilmington

Thesis Defense: The histone deacetylase inhibitor valproic acid enhances equine herpesvirus type 1-mediated oncolysis of human glioma cells

11/15 Fri. 3 pm DO 103 Alex Vance
UNC Wilmington
(van Tuinen)
Thesis Prospectus: Variation in Avian Bill Morphology: Family Wide Examination of Eco-Morphospace
11/22 Fri. 11am TL 1053 Lindsey Deignan
UNC Wilmington
Dissertation Prospectus: Pattern and process: using spatial ecology and molecular genetics to explore biodiversity theory for a sponge community on a Florida coral reef
11/22 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Leigh Anne Harden
UNC Wilmington

Dissertation Defense: Seasonal variation in ecology and physiology of diamondback terrapins (Malaclemys terrapin) in North Carolina

11/29 Fri.     No seminar Thanksgiving Break
12/03 Tue. 2pm DO 132 Keeley Zimmerman
UNC Wilmington
Thesis Defense: Muscular Organization of a Scyphozoan Jellyfish: Aurelia aurita
12/05 Thu. 9:30am FR 1014 John Mejaski
UNC Wilmington
Thesis Defense: Ecological Network Analysis: A Tool for Water Metabolism Case Study, Wilmington, North Carolina




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