Spring 2014 Seminar Series

Date Day Time Location Speaker Topic
1/17 Fri.    

No seminar


1/24 Fri.     No seminar  
1/31 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Dr. Michelle Gilley
UNC Wilmington (CANCELLED)

The Ultrasonic Singing Superpowers of a Flying Squirrel

2/07 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Lucia Pita
University of Barcelona

Biogeography of Sponge-Associated Bacteria and Their Vulnerability in a Changing World

2/10 Mon. 2pm DO 103 Plant Biology Candidate #1 The Critical Role of Hydraulics in Plant Function and Survival
2/14 Fri. 2pm DO 103

Plant Biology Candidate #2

(rescheduled to 2/24)

Selenium metabolism in plants: A tale of two toxicities

2/17 Mon. 2pm DO 103 Plant Biology Candidate #3 Exploring Biodiversity with Plant Systematics
2/21 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Plant Biology Candidate #4

Ancient radiations, deep hybridizations, and the evolutionary fate of the polyploids

2/24 Mon. 2pm DO 103 Plant Biology Candidate #2 Selenium metabolism in plants: A tale of two toxicities
2/28 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Dr. Pat McClellan-Green
North Carolina State University
Where's all the herring: Biomarkers of toxicity in stressed fish populations
3/07 Fri.     No Seminar Spring Break
3/14 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Dr. A. Motaleb
East Carolina University
Change is good for the Lyme Disease spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi
3/21 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Dr. Craig Bailey
UNC Wilmington
Systematics of loricate chrysophytes
3/28 Fri. 2pm DO 103

Sue Barco
UNC Wilmington

Dissertation prospectus: Abundance, health status and sources of mortality for loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) in Chesapeake Bay and surrounding ocean waters

4/04 Fri. 1pm DO 103 Plant Biology Candidate #5 Using systematics and ecology to understand drivers of plant diversity
4/04 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Rebecka Brasso
UNC Wilmington

Dissertation defense: Penguins as biomonitors of temporal and spatial patterns of mercury availability in Southern Hemisphere marine food webs

4/05 Sat. 9am DO 103 Graduate Student Prospectus Symposium Various topics
4/07 Mon. 9am DO 132 John Hanmer
UNC Wilmington
Thesis defense: Grazing patterns of redband parrotfish: interaction of food value and availability
4/07 Mon. 2pm DO 103 Plant Biology Candidate #6 From Systematics to Sex: The Evolutionary Biology of the Meadow Beauties (Melastomataceae)
4/09 Wed. 10am TL 1053 Logan Arthur
UNC Wilmington
Thesis defense: Estimating the force output of a cetacean axial locomotor muscle
4/11 Fri. 9am DO 132 Lauren Stutts
UNC Wilmington
Thesis defense: The Role of Hormones in Response to Combined Stresses in Zea mays
4/11 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Kate Arnette
UNC Wilmington
Thesis defense: Equine Herpesvirus 1: Elucidation of the Core Fusogenic Glycoproteins, and Clinical Isolate Analysis
4/11 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Gina Lonati
UNC Wilmington
Thesis defense: Nitrogen solubility in odontocete fats in relation to lipid composition
4/14 Mon. 12:30pm DO 103

Andrea Dingeldein
UNC Wilmington


Thesis defense: Larval traits carry over to influence post-settlement behavior in a common coral reef fish
4/14 Mon. 2pm DO 205 Plant Biology Candidate #7 Plant Respiration in a Changing World: Tales from the Arctic and Beyond
4/16 Wed. 9am FR 1014 Jessica Mallindine
UNC Wilmington
Thesis defense: Determining the Response and Recovery of Amaranthus Pumilus to Salinity
4/16 Wed. 2pm DO 202 Inga Conti-Jerpe
UNC Wilmington
Thesis defense: Whipping up dinner: the heterotrophic feeding of 3 temperate Atlantic gorgonian octocorals
4/18 Fri.     No seminar

Easter Break

4/21 Mon. 3pm DO 205 Aaron Ramus
UNC Wilmington
Thesis defense: Biodiversity and marine ecosystem functioning: a multitrophic perspective
4/22 Tue. 2pm DO 205 Jerald Pinson
UNC Wilmington
(van Tuinen)
Thesis defense: Origin of the "Appalachian Gametophyte"
4/23 Wed. 2pm DO 205 Chris Torres
UNC Wilmington
(van Tuinen)
Thesis defense: He got a real pretty mouth, ain't he? The evolution of the flamingo's smile
4/24 Thu. 8:30am TL 1053 Nico Quaday
UNC Wilmington
Thesis defense: Postzygotic isolation between Mytilus edulis and M. trossulus within the Gulf of Maine hybrid zone: Embryonic development, larval survival and growth
4/24 Thu. 2pm DO 202

Kiersten Newtoff

UNC Wilmington

Thesis defense: Spatial variability in mercury exposure and diet in the Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis) in North Carolina
4/25 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Dr. Amanda Williard
UNC Wilmington

Effects of temperature on metabolism and osmoregulation in diamondback terrapins

4/28 Mon. 10am EB 266 Whitney Wilson
UNC Wilmington
Thesis defense: The effects of resveratrol on growth and muscle physiology of juvenile southern flounder
4/28 Mon. 11am DO 132 Chrissy Badger
UNC Wilmington
Thesis defense: Copper as a Potential Influence on Natural H. nelsoni (MSX) Resistance in Southern Populations of Crassostrea virginica
4/30 Wed. 12pm DO 103 Brittany Nicolaysen
UNC Wilmington
(van Tuinen)
Thesis defense: Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Birds at an Urban Lake in Wilmington, North Carolina




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