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Social and Behavioral Sciences Building Renovation Relocations


I am writing to provide an update on the institution’s plans for accommodating individuals and offices during the planned renovation of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Building, the tentative window for which is January through mid-August 2014.

As you no doubt know, UNCW has a serious need for additional faculty offices and teaching and research labs. So serious is this need, in fact, that it is impacting our ability to recruit prospective faculty members whose reasonable space requests we cannot accommodate. It is also challenging our ability to offer sufficient seats in teaching laboratories to meet student demand. It seems prudent to anticipate that we will not receive approval and capital funds for a new academic building in the immediate future. Therefore, it is imperative that we use the funding available for the renovation of Social and Behavioral Sciences building in a strategic manner to best position the campus for current and, to the extent possible, future needs of university faculty, staff, and students.

UNCW has become the outstanding institution it is because faculty, staff, and administrators believe in our mission and have committed their time and talents to fulfilling it. Those who have been here long enough have seen the university grow from the original three buildings to now over 150 and have witnessed the expansion of its facilities and programs far beyond what some in the community ever imagined possible.

Inevitably, the S&BS renovation project will result in inconveniences. The cliché, “no pain, no gain” has some truth to it, but every effort is being made to make the gain associated with this important project worth the pain. To that end, I appreciate the ongoing work of our S&BS Planning Committee, whose members have been working since early February to study and recommend a strategic vision for the renovated facility. We anticipate that some units currently housed in S&BS will be relocated permanently, others will return to the renovated and repurposed space, and yet others currently housed elsewhere will move to the renovated facility.

Attached is the plan for accommodating the moves necessary to vacate the building prior to and during the approximately 7.5-month renovation. This plan has been developed following consultation with affected units and, we hope, addresses essential needs of displaced units. We intend to finalize this plan by April 26; therefore, should there be essential needs that are not addressed by the plan, it is important that they be communicated to Vice Provost Steve McFarland by no later April 26.

As someone who will be directly affected by this project, I am confident that you will put your considerable talents and ingenuity into making the best possible use of the limited space and resources available to us during the renovation. I ask for your patience and, like you, look forward to the successful renovation of this building.


Denise A. Battles

Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Social and Behavioral Plan Relocation Destinations

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