Academic Affairs

Distinguished Teaching Professorship Award


2016 Dr. Caroline Clements Psychology
Dr. Jessica Magnus Management
2015 Dr. Steven M. Elliott School of Health and Human Sciences
Dr. Julian Keith Psychology
2014 Dr. Cara N. Cilano English
Dr. Jeffery M. Hill Enviromental Studies
2013 Dr. Patricia H. Kelley Geography and Geology
Dr. Sridhar Varadarajan Chemistry and Biochemistry
2012 Dr. Herbert Berg Philosophy and Religion
Dr. Robert B. Buerger Environmental Studies
2011 Dr. Diana Ashe English
Dr. Richard Ogle Psychology
Mr. Frank Trimble Communication Studies
2010 Dr. Frank Bongiorno Music
Dr. Peter W. Schuhmann Economics and Finance
2009 Dr. Mark Boren English
Dr. Katherine Montwieler English
2008 Dr. Tracy Y. Hargrove Elementary, Middle, Level & Literacy Education
Dr. John Rice Sociology and Criminology
2007 Dr. W. Frank Ainsley Geography and Geology
Dr. John P. Bennett Health and Applied Human Sciences
Dr. Richard K. Olsen Communication Studies
2006 Dr. Gabriel G. Lugo Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. Carole E. Tallant Communication Studies
Dr. W. David Webster Biology and Marine Biology
2005 Dr. Russell Herman Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. Tammy G. Hunt Management and Marketing
Dr. Len Lecci Psychology
2004 Dr. Robert G. Blundo Social Work
Dr. William J. Bolduc Communication Studies
Dr. Louis F. Buttino Film Studies
2003 Dr. Don A. Habibi Philosophy and Religion
Dr. James B. Hunt Management and Marketing
Dr. Michael Messina Chemistry
2002 Dr. Timothy A. Ballard Biological Sciences
Dr. Joanne W. Rockness Accountancy and Business Law
Dr. Bradford L. Walker Curricular Studies
2001 Dr. Janet M. Ellerby English
Mr. Philip Gerard Creative Writing
Dr. Sherrill V. Martion Music
2000 Dr. Paula Kamenish English
Dr. Steve McNamee Sociology
Dr. Kevin Sigler Economics and Finance
1999 Dr. Eleanor K. Covan Sociology
Dr. Richard A. Huber Curricular Studies
Dr. Lori Spicher

Foreign Languages and Literatures

1998 Dr. Sue Combs Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
Dr. Donald F. Kapraun Biological Sciences
Dr. James K. McGowan Philosophy and Religion
1997 Dr. Lou LaNunziata Curricular Studies
Dr. Charles Lewis Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Dr. Stephen Pullum Communication Studies
1996 Dr. Saul Bachner Specialty Studies
Dr. Michael Wentworth English
Mr. Donald E. Furst Art and Theater
1995 Dr. Stephen Harper Management and Marketing
Dr. Marcee Raab Stelle Curricular Studies
Dr. Melton A. McLaurin History
1994 Dr. Luther Lawson Economics and Finance
Dr. Carol Pilgrim Psychology
Dr. Kenneth W. Spackman Mathematics and Statistics
1993 Dr. John M. Garris Production and Decision Sciences
Dr. Diane E. Levy Sociology and Anthropology
Dr. William E. Overman Psychology
1992 Dr. Grace M. Burton Curricular Studies
Dr. W. Lee Johnston Political Sciences
Dr. Gerald H. Shinn Philosophy and Religion

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