Academic Affairs

Chancellor's Teaching Excellence Award


2016 Dr. Scott James Philosophy and Religion
Dr. Brian Kinard Marketing
Dr. Lynn Mollenauer History
Dr. Robert Roer Biology and Marine Biology
Dr. Jeanne Swafford Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary, Literacy and Special Education
Dr. Wayland Tseh Exercise Science, School of Health and Applied Human Sciences
2015 Dr. Martha Andrews Management
Dr. Caroline Clements Psychology
Dr. Chris Hall School of Social Work
Dr. Dan Masters Public and International Affairs
Dr. Denise Ousley-Exum Instructional Technology, Foundations and Secondary Education
Dr. Diana Pasulka Philosophy and Religion
2014 Dr. Michael Benedetti Geography and Geology
Dr. Karen A. Daniels Psychology
Dr. Nancy M. Hritz School of Health and Applied Human Sciences
Dr. Tracy H. Meyer Marketing
Dr. Colleen A. Reilly English
Dr. Amy R. Taylor Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle Level, Literacy and Special Ed
2013 Dr. Cara Cilano English
Dr. Christopher F. Dumas Economics and Finance
Dr. Jeffery Hill Environmental Studies
Dr. Amy Kirschke Art and Art History
Dr. Eleni Pappamihiel IT, Foundations, & Secondary Education
Dr. Deborah Pollard School of Nursing
2012 Dr. Steven M. Elliott Health and Applied Human Sciences
Dr. Kathy R. Fox Elementary, Middle Level and Literacy Education
Dr. Patricia H. Kelley Geography and Geology
Dr. Jessica M. Magnus Management
Dr. Sridhar Varadarajan Chemistry and Biochemistry
2011 Dr. Timothy Ballard Biology and Marine Biology
Dr. Robert Buerger Environmental Studies
Dr. Megan Sweeney English
Dr. Daniel Ivancevich Accountancy and Business Law
Dr. Kathleen Schlichting Elementary, Middle Level & Literacy Education
Dr. Robert Boyce Health and Applied Human Sciences
2010 Dr. Diana L. Ashe English
Dr. Douglas Gamble Geography and Geology
Dr. Scott D. Juall Foreign Languages and Literatures
Dr. Stephen C. Harper Management
Dr. Dennis S. Kubasko, Jr. Instructional Technology, Foundations, and Secondary Education
Dr. Yeoun Soo Kim-Godwin School of Nursing
2009 Dr. John Fischetti Educational Leadership
Dr. Susan H. Ivancevich Accountancy and Business Law
Dr. Jeanne K. Kemppainen School of Nursing
Dr. Scott E. Simmons Anthropoloty
2008 Dr. Mark E. Boren English
Dr. Edward J. Caropreso Instructional Technology/Foundations, andSecondary Education
Dr. RuthAnne Kuiper School of Nursing
Dr. Richard L. Ogle Psychology
Dr. Clarissa L. Pollard History
Dr. Carolos L. Rodriguez Management
2007 Dr. James Herstine Health and Applied Human Sciences
Dr. Elizabeth Hines Geography and Geology
Dr. Thomas Lankford Biology and Marine Biology
Dr. Linda Mechling Early Childhood/Special Education
Dr. Lisa Scribner Marketing
2006 Dr. Herbert Berg Philosophy and Religion
Dr. Tracy Y. Hargrove Curricular Studies
Dr. Thomas Janicki Information Sys. & Operations Management
Dr. Gabriel Lugo Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. Richard Olsen Communication Studies
2005 Dr. Edna Collins Curricular Studies
Dr. Russell Herman Mathematics and Statistic
Dr. Peter Schuhmann Economics and Finance
Dr. Mark Spaulding History
Dr. David Webster Biological Sciences
2004 Dr. Robert T. Burrus Economics and Finance
Dr. Louis F. Buttino Film Studies
Dr. Richard A. Huber Curricular Studies
Dr. Stephen S. Meinhold Political Science
2003 Dr. Jack A. Gowan Information Sys. & Operations Management
Dr. Len B. Lecci Psychology
Ms. Rebecca Lee Creative Writing
Dr. Michael A. Perko Health and Applied Human Sciences
Dr. John S. Rice Specialty Studies
2002 Dr. Robert G. Blundo Social Work
Dr. Deborah Brunson Communication Studies
Mr. Charles L. Earney Accountancy and Business Law
Dr. Hengameh Kermani Curricular Studies
Dr. Michael Messina Chemistry
2001 Mr. William Bolduc Communication Studies
Dr. Sally Cummings Nursing (no longer at UNCW)
Dr. Sherrill Martin Music
Dr. Drew Rosen Information Sys. & Operations Management
Dr. Michael White Creative Writing
2000 Dr. Ferenc Altrichter Philosophy and Religion
Dr. Julian Keith Psychology
Dr. Lynn Leonard Earth Sciences
Dr. Mahnaz Moallem Specialty Studies
Dr. Joanne Rockness Accountancy and Business Law
From 1999 to 1991

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