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Memorandum from the Office of the Provost: UNCW strives to maintain the best working and learning environment reasonably possible. It is important for all members of our faculty and staff to be aware of and adhere to the following key policies: UNCW Unlawful Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct Policy, Improper Relationships Between Students and Employees Policies, and Reaffirmation of Commitment to Equal Education and Employment Opportunity. Please read the full memo here.

Fall Faculty Awards Announced
12 Faculty Members Recognized at the 2017 Fall Faculty Meeting held on September 5, 2017. These faculty members were presented with awards for excellence in teaching, service, and scholarship...more
Alissa Warters

 The Office of the Provost of Academic Affairs welcomes Dr. Alissa Warters to the UNCW campus from Francis Marion University in Florence, SC. She visits us as a Fellow of the American Council on Education (ACE) and will spend 12 non-consecutive weeks on campus, working closely with the provost and chancellor on many projects. She will be attending many administrator level meetings as she learns about...more.

Lapetus Solutions, Inc.

Housed in the CIE, Lapetus Solutions, Inc. is a Wilmington based science technology company. The company was co-founded by Karl Ricanek. Lately, the company has been recognized in the media lately as it has made headway in the field of software development for detection of gender, face age, BMI and smoking as well as age progression for insurance companies. Learn more about Lapetus and the great work they are doing...more

Kristen Brogdon
Ms. Kristen Brogdon will serve as interim AVC for community engagement in addition to her role as director of the office of the arts.   Kristen will coordinate the engagement efforts of the university and managing several community-facing units including OLLI, QENO, Continuing Professional Education and Summer School.  Kristen has a natural connection with engagement since the office of the arts continues to serve as a cornerstone...more


  • October 3: Tea Tuesday in the Military Resource Lounge
  • October 5-6: Fall Break, no classes
  • October 6-7: Arts Summit in the Cultural Arts Building
  • October 19: Coffee with a Cop in the Military Resource Lounge
  • October 31: Community Engagement Grant Applications Due
  • November 6: University Chairs and School Directors Meeting, McNeill Hall 1051


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