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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register for Writers' Week 2022?
No registration is needed! All events are free and open to the public, with the exception of the David Sedaris event. Most After Words—Writers' Week 2022 events are in-person on the campus of UNCW.

Where can I find the schedule?
The full schedule is posted at uncw.edu/writersweek. We’ll begin each morning with a guided writing exercise (9:30) and craft talk (11:00), followed by an afternoon panel or publishing presentation (2 p.m.), and we'll close each evening with a reading and conversation (7:00). All times are EST.

Can I attend just one event?
Guests may attend as few or as many events as they like.

Will events be offered online?
The 'Morning Pages' events at 9:30 will be in-person and also offered with a Zoom option. The MFA Reading on Wednesday will be offered exclusively via Zoom. Please see uncw.edu/writersweek for login details.

If I can’t make it to a Zoom event, will it be recorded for later viewing?
Due to arrangements with speakers, most events will not be immediately available as recordings. In some cases, we hope to share recordings on the website in the future.

How do I ask a question during a session? To ask a question, use the chat feature for Zoom meetings or raise your hand for in-person events; if your question is selected, the moderator will call on you to ask your question on camera/in-person or will ask it on your behalf, depending on the event format.

What are your Community Guidelines?
In our Community Guidelines we’ve set out some simple ways to engage fully and professionally with speakers, ask questions and show appreciation, and support your fellow attendees throughout the week. By attending After Words—Writers' Week 2022, you’re agreeing to follow our code of conduct.

How can I get a Zoom account?
We recommend that you sign up for a free Zoom account ahead of time and test it before the first session.

I’m not familiar with Zoom. Help!
We recommend these brief Zoom tutorials. As a reminder, please refer to our Community Guidelines to learn how you can engage fully and respectfully in all After Words—Writers' Week 2022 Zoom sessions.

How do I view closed captioning on Zoom?
Please click here for further instructions.

Where can I order featured authors’ books?
Pomegranate, our partner independent bookstore in Wilmington, NC, has a limited number of copies available. You can order those copies directly from Pomegranate here, or to get your books faster, head to Pomegranate’s storefront on Bookshop.org. When you purchase from Bookshop, Pomegranate receives 30 percent of the sale price.

How do I connect via social media?
Follow us on Instagram @UNCWCRW and Facebook @CRW.UNCW, and don’t forget to tag all your favorite moments with #uncwwritersweek.