The Publishing Laboratory

Pub Lab Mission

Publishing is much more than the simple printing and distribution of books; it is a creative endeavor in its own right, combining a passion for the written word with an understanding of how to most effectively reach readers. An integral part of the Department of Creative Writing, The Publishing Laboratory is a professional educational enterprise with two main imperatives:

  • To incorporate into the apprenticeship of creative writers an applied learning experience in the process by which literary manuscripts, including their own, are designed, shaped, and edited into books and published to a wide audience of readers.
  • To provide a foundation in the book arts for creative writing students who aspire to enter the professions of editing and publishing by intensive work in conceptualizing, designing, editing, publishing, and marketing literary titles under The Publishing Laboratory imprints.

Thus all published works serve the dual purpose of providing a valuable learning experience and contributing to the culture of humane letters as literary arts of the highest quality, reflective of the aesthetic and ethical values of the department.