The Publishing Laboratory

BFA Publishing Courses

CRW 321 3cr Introduction to Book Publishing (required)
An introduction to the culture and commerce of books. This course examines the life cycle of a book, the people and processes involved in book publishing, and the business, economics, and ethics of the publishing industry. Students have an opportunity to engage in a variety of publishing activities.

CRW 322 3cr Editing for Publication (required, BFA majors only)
Prerequisite: CRW 207, 208, 209, or consent of instructor
Editing for Publication offers students of creative writing intensive training in developing and applying skills in writing structure, copyediting, grammar, mechanics, spelling, formatting, style, and other fundamentals crucial to effective, polished writing. Students will complete exercises and larger projects as they explore the intellectual and practical issues involved in editorial decision-making.

CRW 323 3cr Bookbuilding (required)
Prerequisite: CRW 207, 208, 209, or consent of instructor
This course offers intensive hands-on training in book design and production using desktop publishing technologies. Students develop skills through a progressively complex series of projects, culminating in a finished chapbook of their own work, in a small edition. Students should gain from this course basic software skills, a heightened design aesthetic, and an understanding of how books are built and produced, manuscript to bookshelf.

CRW 324 3cr Special Topics in Publishing (required)
This course allows for an occasional special emphasis in a narrower topic such as copyediting, the history of the small press, book arts, or for a course taught by a guest instructor.

CRW 325 3cr Literary Magazine Practicum (can be substituted for 324)
Applied course in the publication of a literary journal. The practical business of running a literary magazine, including editorial, marketing, and sales decisions. Assignments include reading submissions, proofreading and fact-checking, assisting in the creation and production of promotional materials, commenting on design decisions, selecting artwork/illustrations, and meeting production deadlines. May be repeated, 6 hours maximum.

NEW — CRW 425 3cr Advanced Special Topics in Publishing (can be substituted for 324)
Prerequisite: CRW 321 and 323
This course offers an intensive examination of an advanced area of publishing, such as an area of specialization within book editing, book arts or design, the history of the independent book, or magazine publishing, or for a course taught by a guest instructor.

CRW 460 3cr Publishing Practicum (required)
Students must have been admitted to the certificate program in order to receive permission to enroll in the publishing practicum

Prerequisite: CRW 321, 322, 323
A select group of students support the work of the Publishing Laboratory, with responsibility for editing, designing, and producing books and other publications. Undergraduate practicum students work 9 hours weekly in the Lab (including a 1.5 hour staff meeting), under faculty supervision. Completion of CRW 321, 322, and 323, with a minimum grade of B in 321 or 322, is a prerequisite for the Practicum. Participants are selected by permission of instructor; a brief application is required. Working hours are scheduled at each student's convenience during standard Pub Lab hours. May be repeated once for credit.