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The Run-On Sentences Spirit Away at UNCW Homecoming 5K

Year three of the Run-On Sentences. We defended our Spirit Award title, fulfilling our goal of boosting (—did I really write "crushing" before? My pen must have slipped—) the spirits of other teams. And we had three people on the podium for the 5k from three different age groups. That was of course before we all decided to climb up on the podium and claim it as our own.
                                                               —David Gessner, Department Chair

And it did. —David Gessner, Department Chair

Congrats to Morgan, Olivia, Kinzy, Flora, Andy, Becca, Lauren, Nikki, Adam, Christian, Nathan, Casey, Emily & Birdie, David, Jeff and Zack.

And a special thanks to our organizer and captain, Kinzy.