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The Run-On Sentences Dominate at UNCW Homecoming 5K

Last Saturday morning, despite rain and pain, the mighty Run-On Sentences dominated the field at the UNCW Homecoming 5K!

As well as winning the overall spirit award (and thus crushing the spirit of lesser departments), we had all sorts of individual achievements. Becca Spiegel was the third woman to cross the line, Hadley Gessner won her age group, and John Daily placed third in his age group. And Nina de Gramont edged out her elderly husband. A champagne breakfast followed.

Congrats to John, Morgan, Nina, Lauren, Zack, Hadley, Casey, Adam, Sofie, Olivia, Jeff, Jane, Becca and Don.

And a special thanks to our organizer and captain, Kinzy.

Our shirts were highlighter yellow and all had the first lines of our favorite books on the front and last lines on the back.

(My last line: The sun is but a morning star.)  

—David Gessner, Department Chair