Creative Writing

Mark Cox Releases New Poetry Book, "Readiness: Prose Poems"

Mark Cox, Professor of Creative Writing, has published his fifth book of poetry, Readiness: Prose Poems.

“Behind surfaces that can sometimes be wryly comic,” poet Albert Goldbarth says, “Mark Cox is unafraid to risk adult tenderness ("brutal tenderness" he says in one poem) and great empathy for this world's sufferers. Which is to say that beneath a rich variety of occasions (from an ancient Egyptian mummifier doing up a fifteen-foot crocodile, to a current-day housewife doing up an angel food cake), Cox's bedrock concern is that impossible thing of endless grief and joy that we call the human condition. These poetic meditations and monologues are some of the least prosaic prose you'll ever read.”

Cox has taught at UNCW since 1999 and has served as department chair and coordinator of the MFA program.