Creative Writing

Living on the Edge in the Age of Climate Change:
An Evening with Bill McKibben of

Burney Center
Thursday November 8
7:00 p.m.
Reception follows

There is no more pressing issue in the world today than climate change, and there is no more important speaker on the topic than Bill McKibben. The author of the 1989’s groundbreaking The End of Nature— the first book to bring the idea of global warming to a general audience—McKibben is the founder of, the premier citizen interest group working to raise awareness of the science concerning climate change. Having Bill McKibben talk to our students will provide them an immeasurable service as they begin to think about how their generation will face this issue. But this is a night for town as well as gown, and everyone in Wilmington is welcome since, together, we all face the uncertainty of living on the edge in a warming world.

After his presentation, Bill will have a conversation with UNCW’s David Gessner, Chair of the Department of Creative Writing, about Hurricane Florence and the particular challenges that Wilmington faces. They will also discuss writing the storm: that is, how we get the message of climate change out to the sometimes-doubting world. 
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