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Our Philosophy and Mission
The MFA Coordinator and Office Staff

Our Philosophy and Mission

UNCW's MFA Program is governed by three principles:

Excellence in art through the diligent practice of craft. We believe in helping our students establish sound, professional working habits so they will approach their craft with respect. Constant attention to craft, including comprehensive revision and extensive reading in their genres, fosters the ability to exploit inspiration.

Versatility across genres. A writer may take on many roles during his or her working life, writing poetry at one stage and novels at another. Nearly all fiction writers and poets are called on to write essays, reviews, and other nonfiction. We foster respect for all genres of writing and encourage students to try new genres, both to discover hidden possibilities in their own writing lives and to learn indirectly lessons that they can then take back to their home genres.

Reaching an audience. Writing is, at heart, an act of communication. We want our students to find the audience for their work, rather than write for therapy or self expression. To this end, we educate them in the business of publishing, where art meets commerce, so they can get their work into the marketplace of ideas-in magazines, books, performances, and other venues.

The MFA Coordinator and Office Staff

You will find our program's faculty to be exceedingly accessible and helpful in addressing your concerns and questions as they arise; someone is always online, reachable by phone, or holding office hours - we want to see you and hear from you! In particular, the MFA coordinator, MFA program assistant, and department office staff are available to help see you smoothly through the bureaucracy that is university life.

The MFA coordinator is the faculty member assigned by the chair to oversee the admissions and administrative processes of MFA program. The MFA coordinator is expected to keep regular office hours and to be accessible to all MFA students via e-mail and voicemail. Lavonne Adams currently serves as MFA coordinator.

In addition, either the MFA program assistant, Lisa Bertini, or the Creative Writing Department office administrator, Mēgan Hubbard, should always be available during regular business hours in the CRW office, by e-mail, or by phone.