Creative Writing


The following items have been assembled as a reference tool for current MFA students to give further program details and requirements. If you have additional questions, please contact Melissa Crowe, the MFA Coordinator (, 910-962-3436), or Lisa Bertini, MFA Program Assistant (

Department of Creative Writing

  • Our Philosophy and Mission
  • The MFA Coordinator and Office Staff

Getting Settled

  • Checklist
  • Employment
  • Establishing Residency
  • UNCW E-mail
  • Department Listservs
  • MFA Student Mailboxes
  • Student Organizations
  • Professional Organization
  • Student Publications
  • Fellowships and Awards
  • Travel Grants

Taking Courses in the MFA Program

  • Registration
  • Transfer Credit
  • Directed Independent Study
  • Grades
  • Advice about Writing Workshops

The MFA Exam and Thesis

  • MFA Exam
  • Graduation Application
  • Thesis Proposal, Advisor, and Committee
  • Thesis Preparation
  • Thesis Responsibilities (Advisor, Student, Readers)
  • Thesis Submission Format
  • Thesis Defense
  • Exam, Thesis, and Graduation Checklist
  • Departmental Policy on Early Graduation
  • Departmental Policy on Delayed Graduation and Leave-of-Absence
  • Re-enrollment after an Absence of More Than Two Semesters
  • Graduate School Five-Year Rule
  • A Note about Seeking Letters of Recommendation


  • Additional Resources