Creative Writing


Professional Development Series



FALL 2017

  • Job Searching in Academia & Publishing: Friday, September 29 @ 1:00 (KE 1112)
    —Philip Gerard will talk about the ins and outs of the academic job search and application process;
    —Emily Smith will give us the skinny on jobs in the publishing biz;
    —Sarah Crockett, our current liaison from the Career Center, will introduce the UNCW resources to which you have access, both as a current student and, later, as an alum;
    —Other CRW faculty (like Nina!) will be on hand to share their experiences and insights.


  • True Diversity in the Classroom: An Orientation-Brainstorming Brown Bag: Friday, April 21 @ 1:00 (KE 1005)

—Ideally, the workshop is both a creative and a critical space, one in which a community collaborates toward achievement/development of the individual writer’s vision. We can be aided and challenged in this aim by the multiplicity of experiences and identities participants bring to the table. How might we train new GTAs to create for their students the kind of inclusive environment that fosters growth? How should we prepare new grad students to welcome and sustain true diversity in their workshops? How can professors and students in our program welcome all voices while fostering an atmosphere of honest, useful feedback? Bring a sandwich and an open mind and help us brainstorm ideas for diversity programming for next year’s MFA orientation. (We’ll provide drinks and sides!)

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