Creative Writing

Michael Ramos

lecturer & assistant director of The Publishing Laboratory;
art director, Ecotone

Kenan Hall 2115 | 910.962.7775 |

Michael Ramos



MFA, UNC Wilmington
BFA, UNC Wilmington



In Love and War

In Love... &War: The Anthology of Poet Warriors (2019)





  • CRW 201 – Introduction to Creative Writing
  • CRW 203 – Forms of Creative Writing
  • CRW 204 – Research for Creative Writers
  • CRW 209 – Introduction to Creative Nonfiction
  • CRW 315 – Reading and Writing the War
  • CRW 321 – Introduction to Publishing
  • CRW 460 – Publishing Practicum
  • CRW 496 – Senior Seminar in Creative Writing
  • CRW 523 – Bookbuilding
  • FNA 102 – Exploration in the Creative Process

On Teaching

I want my students to see value in their stories. I want my students to take creative risks. I want my students to find their voices. I want my students to realize that as a human they are part of a creative culture that, no matter the era, has only wanted to be heard and understood. I push my students to the brink of their creativity and then push them further, challenging them, encouraging them to be the best writers they can be so that they have stories they are proud of.