Creative Writing

BFA Degree Requirements

All undergraduate students at UNCW must complete a minimum of 124 credit hours of study to earn a degree. In addition to meeting UNCW's University Studies requirements, candidates for the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in creative writing must also complete requirements toward the major. Please see the university catalogue for details:

*Note: Degree requirements vary by student's calendar year. Each student should refer to his/her degree audit to see individual degree requirements. Each student should also attend academic advising.

Minor in Coastal and Environmental Writing

Questions about a minor in Creative Writing? Students should run a What-If degree audit—as in, "What if I want to minor in creative writing?" The audit will show the minor requirements specific to each student's catalogue year. Also see for a current list, based on catalogue year, and for information about declaring a minor.


The Certificate in Publishing

The Certificate in Publishing is available to interested students who have been admitted to the full BFA major. For students interested in pursuing careers in book or journal publishing, or graduate school in a related field, the Certificate in Publishing enhances professional credentials. The certificate is an optional program that requires completion of four or more courses, for a minimum of 12 credit hours, as follows:

  • CRW 321: Books and Publishing (required)
  • CRW 322: Editing for Publication (required)
  • CRW 323: Bookbuilding (required)
  • CRW 324: Special Topics in Publishing
  • CRW 460: Publishing Practicum (by application only, may be repeated once)

To receive permission to enroll in CRW 460: Publishing Practicum, students must have been admitted to the BFA major and Publishing Certificate Program and must have completed all three of the preliminary publishing courses-CRW 321, CRW 322, and CRW 323.

If you have questions about the Publishing Certificate, contact Emily Smith, Director of the Publishing Laboratory:

Departmental Honors

Please see

If you have questions about the Honors Scholars Program, contact the Director of the Honors Scholars Program, or visit