Creative Writing

Current BFA Students

  BFA students Caleb Horowitz, Tyler Anne Whichard, Nikki Kroushl and Becka Jackson.
May 2019

Academic Advising (and FAQs)

The first responsibility for advising rests with the student. Students must track their own progress toward graduation. This involves reading your degree audit on SeaNet at least once a semester. More >


Students may declare a major in Pre-Creative Writing at any point upon completing at least 24 hours of college credits. Admission to the full Creative Writing major comes through application only. More >

Degree Requirements

BFA candidates must complete a minimum of 124 hours of undergraduate study. In addition to meeting UNCW's Basic Studies requirements, the students must complete 54 hours toward the major in creative writing. More >

Grading Guidelines

This list provides a guide to course grading at UNCW for undergraduate writing students.While a grade of C is considered average campus-wide, the department expects students in the major to earn B's. The highest grade, A, is reserved for outstanding work.Instructors will develop criteria for particular assignments. 
More >


  • Gain essential work experience in a professional environment.
  • Learn the value of creative writing in the working world.
  • Put your editing skills to work.
  • Build a résumé and prepare for the world of work beyond college. Overview >

Senior Thesis

In the final year of coursework (at the time you take CRW 496), creative writing majors compile and revise a finished thesis manuscript of literary merit, overseen by the CRW 496 instructor and then reviewed by the CRW faculty. The manuscript will be a collection of poems, stories, or essays; a single long poem; a long nonfiction narrative; a novella; or a portion of a novel.


In addition to the rights and responsibilities and expected levels of student conduct listed in the UNCW Code of Student Life, the Department of Creative Writing recognizes and implements the following policies and guidelines: More >


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