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UNCW Surplus; filing cabinets at the surplus sale

Surplus Sales postponed until further notice.

Training for the new Surplus Property Software will be offered virtually every Friday at 10:00 am. Please contact Phillip Knowles at knowlesj@uncw.edu or register directly at Dare2Learn Academy



Surplus Property - University Departments

Departmental Viewing of Surplus Property

Property designated as surplus is available to university departments on a first-come, first-served basis. Surplus Property does not keep an inventory of what is available; therefore, we invite faculty and staff to view surplus property.

Viewing hours are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  

Please call 910.962.2289 or email surplus@uncw.edu to schedule an appointment.

How Do Departments Designate Property as Surplus Property?

To send property and equipment to Surplus Property (regardless of whether the item is equipment or not, or has a fixed asset tag), departments must prepare an online Disposal Request. Departments may access the surplus system through

          A) Single Sign-On via Microsoft Office 365 - MyApps - select the blue Surplus icon

          B) MySeaport - Administrative Services - UNCW Services and Links - Surplus

Multiple items may be listed on one Disposal Request when a group of like items without fixed asset tags is being declared surplus property. For example, if you wish to surplus 40 student desks, use one form for "40 student desks."

With the Web-based Surplus Property Management System, you're able to

  • Enter requests to surplus items online
  • Route electronic approvals
  • Track the status of your surplus request

If you do not have access to the surplus system, here are the steps to take to gain access:

     1. Take the course, "Surplus Property Training: Virtual" through Dare2Learn Academy

     2. Upon completion and credit awarded for the course, an email will be sent directly to you verifying your course completion and eligibility to be added in the surplus system. 

     3. Present course completion to a designated existing surplus userwithin your department, and they may add you into the system. 

      IMPORTANT - It is your department's responsibility to delegate whom within your unit will manage your department's profile (add users, remove users, manage security levels, phone numbers, addresses, etc.) This will no longer be the responsibility of the Surplus Department. 


Availability of State Surplus Property for Use by University Departments

Departments may purchase property from NC State Surplus Property by sealed bid, negotiated sale or public auction. If you know of items for sale by another State agency prior to it being placed on sealed bid, your department may negotiate a price with the agency. This property must be purchased via a purchase order.

We do not store your surplus purchases; therefore, only items for immediate use should be purchased. If interested, contact Purchasing Services for more information.

Availability of Federal Surplus Property to University Departments

Departments may also purchase federal surplus property. For procurement processes, contact Purchasing Services.